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The Compliancy Group represents significant depth and breadth of knowledge in regulatory compliance. The Guard delivers a simple and cost effective solution to Achieve, Illustrate and Maintain HIPAA, HITECH & Omnibus compliance.

The daunting task of HIPAA compliance, security risk assessment and Meaningful Use Core Measure 15 is quickly and easily solved. Only the Compliancy Group, LLC offers this advanced web based solution combining the knowledge of skilled HIPAA experts and technology to avoid the high cost of unnecessary on-site audits.

The Guard HIPAA Compliance Menu

The Guard HIPAA Compliance Menu

The Guard HIPAA Compliance Menu

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The Guard’s power starts with a comprehensive dashboard allowing administrators to monitor all components of compliance. Employees and Business Associates are notified and log in to the highly secure Guard platform, and see a Summarized view monitoring all components of compliance and Risk Assessment

  • Gap Identification
  • Remediation Plan – Task Assignment and Completion Tracking
  • Employee Training and Business Associate Tracking
  • Web based highly secure Guard platform
  • Easy and Comprehensive experienced Compliance Security & Risk officers as well as new employee friendly
  • HIPAA Illustrator TM Reporting tool provides documentation for Attestation and due diligence avoiding possible fines

The Guard comes with a comprehensive questionnaire, tied into the regulations, allowing your organization to perform self-audits. The Guard’s simple roles based questionnaires with clear Yes /No or Not Applicable questions allow experienced Compliance Security & Risk officers as well as new employees to quickly complete the required data. Simply answer all the questions to the best of your ability and The Guard will automatically generate gaps when applicable. Once complete, you can start the process of remediation without the large cost of outside audits.

One of the components of compliance is to ensure policies and procedures are implemented. Monitoring and managing these documents can be difficult and expensive. The Guard Gap Monitor TM analyzes the data collected and identifies gaps to corresponding regulations creating an easy-to-understand actionable gap item. The Guard’s robust remediation management tool highlights key ways to combat the issue and recommendations on how to resolve, assign, track and approve the tasks to an owner for resolution. The Guard provides a management system for this documentation by providing a complete Document Manager and Version Control System. As regulations are altered, organizations are able to easily update those specific policy areas. The Guard software includes template policies and procedures that will provide you with a baseline for the required HIPAA documentation.

  • Automatic analysis of data collected and identification of gaps to HIPAA, HITECH, RedHat and PCI regulations
  • Easy-to-understand actionable gap item
  • Remediation manager highlights and recommend resolution
  • Built in policy and procedures templates
  • Remediation tasks assignment, tracking and approval
  • Create your own custom rules, gaps & remediation plans

Incidents “happen” Count on The Guard to provide you a simple tool that provides complete tracking and reporting. Incident Track provides Privacy/Security Officers a mechanism to track complaints that may surface in the course of business. Incident Track records any activity relating to the complaint in accordance with the HIPAA mandates. Once a complaint is recorded, The Guard will automatically generate a gap in the deficient area so you can quickly resolve your compliance issues.

  • Simple to use remediation plans based on scope and scale of incident
  • Complete tracking & reporting.

Business associates and their role in medicine today are crucial for any business. As the regulations continue to evolve, having a simple comprehensive tool to manage, track and monitor is critical to attestation and avoidance of potential fines.

The Guard provides a centralized location for all Consent Forms, Authorization Forms, Business Associate Agreements, and other HIPAA-related business forms. These forms and agreements can be analyzed and recommendations provided as to how they can become HIPAA compliant. The Business Form Manager allows for review dates that will allow the Health Care Entity to effectively review Business Forms before the document becomes outdated.

  • Auditing and ongoing Business Associate tracking, monitoring and reporting
  • Contract Management
  • Critical for illustrating your due diligence.

The Guard comes with a complete version control system, allowing you to track all changes to documents including expiration dates.

  • Built in Policy and Procedure Templates
  • Contract Management
  • Compliance Documentation
  • Complete management of all documentation types
The final Privacy rule requires that individuals have a right to accounting of certain disclosures and covered entities are required to track disclosures of PHI. A comprehensive tracking mechanism must be in place to track other types of disclosures that do not have a paper trail. Organizations must track and account for uses and disclosures of PHI and develop retrieval and reporting methodologies to support responses from individuals. In the effort to continue to automate manual processes, CG has developed a HIPAA-compliant approach to Accounting of Disclosures of PHI.

Part of your annual license to The Guard includes access to our staff of HIPAA and technical experts. Call 855 85 HIPAA, the team is available to answer your regulation and technical questions.

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