The Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Office for Civil Rights (OCR) publicly lists breaches, affecting more than 500 patients, on their breach portal, known colloquially as the “wall of shame.” The breaches reported on the wall of shame in June affected 745,352 patients. June healthcare breaches are discussed below.

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June Healthcare Breaches

June Healthcare Breaches: Hacking/IT Incidents Affected 661,297 Patients

The major cause behind June healthcare breaches was hacking/IT incidents. Hacking/IT incidents affected 661,297 patients. Of those incidents, 187,005 patients were affected by email hacks, 92,463 patients were affected by network server hacks, and 381,829 patients were affected by other hacks.

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Email Hacks Affected 187,005 Patients

Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System: affected 786 patients

Morneau Shepell Limited: affected 1,162 patients

Grace & Porta Benefits, inc.: affected 572 patients

Choice Health Management Services, LLC: affected 11,650 patients

The Waldorf Center: affected 606 patients

Legacy Community Health Services: affected 19,000 patients

Cano Health: affected 28,268 patients

UF Health Jacksonville: affected 54,002 patients

UF Health Shands: affected 13,146 patients

UF: affected 9,182 patients

Sunrise Treatment Center, LLC: affected 3,660 patients

Axis Neuromonitoring, Inc., d/b/a Apex IONM Solutions: affected 1,876 patients

University of Missouri Health Care: affected 5,074 patients

University of Utah: affected 2,700 patients

City of Philadelphia: affected 33,376 patients

Rochester Regional Health: affected 1,945 patients

Network Server Hacks Affected 92,463 Patients

The StayWell Company, LLC: affected 971 patients

North Shore Pain Management: affected 12,472 patients

ABA Pathways, LLC: affected 775 patients

The Kroger Co., for itself and its affiliates and subsidiaries: affected 10,974 patients

Frank D. Lanterman Regional Center: affected 9,271 patients

Healthcare Fiscal Management Inc.: affected 58,000 patients

Other Hacks Affected 381,829 Patients 

American Medical Technologies: affected 47,767 patients

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Associates, P.A.: affected 35,498 patients

Magellan Complete Care of Virginia, LLC: affected 3,568 patients

Magellan Rx Pharmacy: affected 33,040 patients

Magellan Healthcare: affected 50,410 patients

Magellan Complete Care of Florida: affected 76,236 patients

Merit Health Insurance Company: affected 102,748 patients

National Imaging Associates: affected 22,560 patients

Rangely District Hospital : affected 6,339 patients

Kentuckiana Regional Planning and Development Agency: affected 3,663 patients

June Healthcare Breaches: Unauthorized Access/Disclosures Affected 79,702 Patients

79,702 patients were affected by the unauthorized access/disclosures of protected health information (PHI) in June. Of the reported breaches, email unauthorized access/disclosures affected 27,079 patients, while other unauthorized access/disclosures affected 52,623 patients.

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Email Unauthorized Access/Disclosures Affected 27,079 Patients

Eye Physicians of Pinellas PA. DBA. The Eye Institute of West Florida: affected 1,650 patients

Iowa Total Care, Inc.: affected 11,581 patients

Friendship Community Care, Inc.: affected 9,745 patients

Jeremy A. Ledger D.M.D., P.A.: affected 538 patients

HEALTHY CONNECTIONS INC: affected 3,565 patients

Other Unauthorized Access/Disclosures Affected 52,623 Patients

CHI St. Luke’s Health Memorial: affected 1,045 patients

Providence Health Plan: affected 49,511 patients

Integra Managed Care: affected 644 patients

Yale New Haven Health Services: affected 506 patients

JDA eHealth Systems, Inc.: affected 917 patients

June Healthcare Breaches: Loss/Theft Affected 4,353 Patients

4,353 patients were affected by June healthcare breaches resulting from the loss/theft of PHI. Of these breaches, 633 patients were affected by loss of PHI, while 3,720 patients were affected by the theft of PHI.

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Loss Affected 633 Patients

Danube River Holdings LLC dba RiverPointe Post Acute: affected 633 patients

Theft Affected 3,720 Patients

Mehta, Anil MD, Inc.: affected 846 patients

Andrew Dang, DDS: affected 974 patients

Allergy & Asthma Medical Group of the Bay Area, Inc.: affected 1,900 patients

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