The Guard Simplifies HIPAA Compliance Software

Compliancy Group is the industry leader in HIPAA compliance software. Our team is composed of HIPAA experts, here to educate you and your staff about everything required of them under federal regulation. The Guard is Compliancy Group’s simple, cost-effective solution that addresses every aspect of HIPAA compliance under the law. Our proprietary Achieve, Illustrate, and Maintain methodology, alongside support from your dedicated Compliance Coach, helps you satisfy the full extent of HIPAA, HITECH, and Omnibus regulations.

In the past, achieving HIPAA compliance was a challenging and overwhelming task. Compliancy Group gives you confidence knowing that you’ve addressed the entirety of the law so that you can focus on running your practice or business. The Guard is an advanced, cloud-based solution that combines the knowledge of our skilled HIPAA experts, with a simple, easily-accessible technology. Find out how you can quickly become HIPAA compliant by scheduling your live one-on-one demo now!

The Guard is more than just HIPAA compliance software.

  • Business Associate Management
  • Self-Auditing Questionnaires
  • Gap Monitoring and Remediation
  • Incident Management
  • Document and Version Control
  • Use and Disclosure Tracking

“Our office was so far from being HIPAA compliant. The Guard took care of all of our deficiencies. Our consultant was a wealth of knowledge, and no question I asked was ever too dumb. Thanks for helping us out!”

Jennifer B, Texas Vein & Cosmetic Specialists

Risk Assessments

A Risk Assessment is a requirement for both HIPAA compliance and Meaningful Use (Core Measure 15). The Guard not only includes your Risk Assessment for no additional cost, but once you have identified your risk The Guard with help from your compliance coach creates your remediation plan (Core Measure 9 for Meaningful Use Stage 2). There is a prevalent misunderstanding in the market that a Risk Assessment makes you HIPAA compliant. Unfortunately, that is not true. Although a Risk Assessment is necessary and a great first step, please remember this is only one aspect of the regulation!


One of the components of compliance is to ensure that policies & procedures are implemented. Monitoring and managing any type of document with medical information can be difficult and expensive. The Guard analyzes data collected from your organization and identifies the Gaps within your company in regards to compliance regulations. In turn, The Guard also provides a remediation management tool that highlights key ways to combat regulatory violations and recommends how to resolve, assign, and track necessary information needed to resolve compliance related issues. The Guard provides a management system for this documentation by also providing tools such as Document Manager and Version Control System, which enables an organization to see changes made to regulations and update their systems accordingly. All of these tools make it easy for any organization to comply with HIPAA regulations in a structured, knowledgeable manner.

  • Automatic analysis of data collected and identification of Gaps to HIPAA, HITECH, Omnibus Rule, RedHat, and PCI regulations
  • Easy-to-understand actionable Gap items
  • Remediation Manager highlights and recommends a resolution
  • Built-in Policy & Procedures Templates
  • Remediation tasks assignment, tracking, and approval
  • Create your own custom rules, gaps, and remediation plans

The Guard includes your HIPAA 101 training to educate you and your employees about the importance of HIPAA compliance. But, it doesn’t just stop there. The real headache of training is managing who has been trained, when they were trained, and how to track and prove that they understood the training they received. The Guard has built-in reporting that tracks each employee’s status in regards to policies, procedures, and training. The Guard track employees’ attestation of the training, recording the completion status and the completion date.

The Guard’s power continues with it’s comprehensive and easy to use dashboard that allows administrators to monitor all components of compliance.  Through the dashboard employees and Business Associates are able to log into the highly secure platform of The Guard and see the status of their compliance.

The Dashboard allows you an easy view of:

  • Gap Identification
  • Remediation Plan: Task assignment and Completion tracking
  • Employee Training and Business Associates Tracking
  • Cloud based highly secure platform
  • Easy and Comprehensive Compliance Security & Risk Assessment

The Guard includes comprehensive questionnaires allowing your organization to perform self-audits. Through simple role-based questionnaires anyone, regardless of compliance experience, can quickly complete and understand the self-audit. By just answering the questions to the best of your ability, your organization can easily audit itself without the high cost of outside audits. Once complete, you can start the process of remediation. Remember throughout this process your Compliance Coach is working with you every step of the way to direct you and answer any questions.

Incidents happen! Count on The Guard to provide you a simple tool that offers complete tracking and reporting. The Guard provides Privacy and Security Officers with a mechanism to track complaints that may surface in the course of business. Any activity relating to the complaint in accordance with the HIPAA mandates. Once recorded, The Guard will automatically generate a Gap in the deficient area so you can quickly resolve your compliance issues.

  • Simple to use remediation plans based on scope and scale of an incident
  • Complete tracking and reporting

Business Associates

Business Associates have a crucial role in medicine today. Regulations in regards to medical paperwork continue to constantly evolve. Having a simple and comprehensive tool to manage, track, and monitor regulation is critical to attestation and avoidance of potential fines.

The Guard provides a centralized location for all Consent Forms, Authorization Forms, Business Associate Agreements, and other HIPAA related business forms. The Guard also has the ability to analyze this documentation and provide recommendations on how your organization can become HIPAA compliant.

  • Auditing and ongoing Business Associate tracking, monitoring & reporting
  • Contract Management
  • Critical for illustrating due diligence

Included with The Guard is access to our HIPAA Hotline, and your personal HIPAA Coach.  Your HIPAA coach will walk you through not only how to use The Guard but will coach you with questions, concerns and basic HIPAA how-tos all the way until and after you reach what we call the monitoring phase of HIPAA compliance.

Part of your license to The Guard includes access to our staff of HIPAA and technical experts. Call 855 85 HIPAA, the team is available to answer your regulation and technical questions.