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The most popular solution for achieving HIPAA compliance.

Why Compliancy Group is the most trusted for HIPAA compliance

Compliancy Group is the industry leader in HIPAA compliance software. Our team is composed of HIPAA experts, here to educate you and your staff about everything required of them from HIPAA Policies & Procedures under federal regulation.  The Guard is Compliancy Group’s simple, cost-effective software that addresses every aspect of HIPAA compliance under the law. Our proprietary Achieve, Illustrate, and Maintain methodology, alongside support from your dedicated Compliance Coach, helps you satisfy the full extent of HIPAA, HITECH, and Omnibus regulations.

In the past, achieving HIPAA compliance was a challenging and overwhelming task. Compliancy Group’s HIPAA software gives you confidence knowing that you’ve addressed the entirety of the law so that you can focus on running your practice or business. The Guard is an advanced, cloud-based solution that combines the knowledge of our skilled HIPAA compliancy experts, with a simple, easily-accessible technology.

What Our Software Includes

HIPAA Assessments

All six required assessments

A Security Risk Assessment alone will not make you HIPAA compliant!

We include all required assessments including, Security, Administrative, Technical, Physical, Privacy and Device Audits.

Plus you get everything you need to remediate gaps. The Guard has built-in policy and procedure templates that are customized to the unique needs of your practice.

Intuitive Training

Automate your training

Annual HIPAA training to educate you and your employees on HIPAA compliance–but it doesn’t stop there.

The real headaches of training come with managing who’s been trained, when they were trained, and how to track and prove that they understood the training they received.

Our HIPAA software has built-in reporting that tracks each employee’s training as well as employee attestation to the training they receive, recording the completion status and the completion date so your staff will always be up to date.

Seal of Compliance

Verify Your Compliance

The only software on the market to offer HIPAA Seal of Compliance Verification™

With the Seal of Compliance, you’ll be able to demonstrate that you’ve satisfied the full extent of the federal regulation. Display the Seal on your website and in your physical locations to proudly show your dedication to HIPAA privacy and security.

Incident Management

Breach Notification

Incidents happen! Count on our software to give you a simple means of completely tracking and reporting all security incidents.

Built to address each element of the federal regulation, including increasingly important protocols for incident management. In January of 2017, OCR levied its first ever fine for lack of compliance with the Breach Notification Rule, signaling more stringent enforcement on the horizon.

Business Associate Management

Track Your Vendors

Assess and manage your vendors and Business Associates all from one location.

Business Associate Agreements must be signed and executed each year with all health care vendors. Agreements come stored in The Guard, saving you the time and money you’d otherwise spend with a HIPAA consultant or attorney.

The Guard also simplifies due diligence, giving you the tools to assess the status of your vendors’ privacy standards, security, and HIPAA compliance year after year.

Breach Support

Audit Response Program

Compliancy Group’s team of expert Compliance Coaches™ are ready and waiting to guide you through data breaches and OCR investigations, should they arise. Our Breach Support Staff is on call to provide all of the necessary reports and documentation for your practice or organization to confidently get through a data breach incident.

“Unbelievably thorough approach to the minefield of HIPAA regulations that no provider can possibly be adequately aware of. I have been well educated, and now well covered, in just a few weeks. Do yourself this favor.”

Stevin M, West Valley Optometry, Inc

“We were scared to death after going to the HHS website to see all the requirements. The Guard took all the complication out of it. Without the Guard we would still be floundering. Thanks for making a truly great product!”

Dana O, Business Continuity Services of Texas

“Compliancy Group walked us step by step through the process of becoming HIPAA compliant. What was once scary and overwhelming became doable with a coach to help us along the way. We love the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they are here to help us REMAIN compliant into the future.”

Shantel S, Jackson Eye Care

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