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We started Compliancy Group in 2005, and since then we’ve been occupied by the singular goal of simplifying compliance, allowing small- and mid-size organizations the ability to Achieve, Illustrate, and MaintainTM compliance with confidence. As former auditors and compliance experts, my partners and I recognized that the needs of health care professionals invested in keeping their organizations compliant with the full scope of state and federal regulation were not being met. Thus, we acted by creating a tool superior to other HIPAA compliance solutions.

Just like any good craftsman finely honing his tools, carefully mastering his style and technique over the years, we’ve been perfecting our HIPAA compliance solutions with the intent of keeping ourselves the primary , user-centric solution among a growing crowd of competitors.

We could tout any of the features of The Guard–that’s the name of our cloud-based HIPAA compliance solution–as the reason that we’ve been able to help thousands of clients Achieve, Illustrate, and MaintainTM total compliance. Technology, security, and federal regulation will only continue to change, and the risk of being targeted by an OCR audit is growing each and every week. Jocelyn Samuels, Director of OCR, has come down hard on enforcement since she took office in summer of 2015. In the aftermath of February 2016’s Lincare Inc. litigation that resulted in a $239,800 fine, Samuels reaffirmed her commitment to stricter repercussions for non-compliance, saying that: “While OCR prefers to resolve issues through voluntary compliance, this case shows that we will take the steps necessary, including litigation, to obtain adequate remedies for violations of the HIPAA Rules.” It’s time to begin asking the hard questions: how confident are you in your compliance? And are you sure you want to go it alone?

By working with Compliancy Group, you get confidence, you get support, and you get the peace of mind that, in the event of an audit, all you need to do is log in to The Guard and find everything there just as you’ve left it.

We’ve been the innovative underdogs for years, and now we’re here to fundamentally revolutionize the HIPAA compliance-as-a-service industry for good. Our HIPAA compliance solutions are extensive, comprehensive, and complete. What we’ve done in simplifying compliance is give our clients confidence. Understanding compliance is the first step in navigating this atmosphere of stricter enforcement. Whether you’re just beginning your HIPAA education, or you’re a seasoned compliance officer, if you’re non-compliant you’re exposing yourself to prosecution.

We’re here to put the control back in your hands. Be confident in your compliance tomorrow by utilizing our HIPAA compliance solutions today.

Marc Haskelson
President & CEO


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