12th Fine Issued Under the HIPAA Right of Access Initiative

The HIPAA Right of Access Initiative has claimed another victim. In September 2019, the HHS’ OCR announced that it would be prioritizing enforcement efforts surrounding the HIPAA Right of Access. Since this announcement, the OCR has issued twelve right of access fines, several of them over the past few months. The latest fine is discussed below. HIPAA Right of Access Initiative Fines University of Cincinnati Medical Center In [...]

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OCR Right of Access Fine Announcement

The HHS’ OCR continues to step up its enforcement surrounding the HIPAA right of access, announcing its eleventh right of access fine this year. More details on the OCR right of access fine are discussed below.  Dr. Rajendra Bhayani Hit with Latest OCR Right of Access Fine Dr. Rajendra Bhayani, an otolaryngologist that runs a private practice in Rego Park, NY, has agreed to pay a [...]

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