The Benefits of EHR for Behavioral Health

An EHR (Electronic Health Records) system can be a great tool for both patients and providers. EHR’s allow patients to access their medical records, share information with their providers, and find the right resources to help them with their specific needs. For providers, EHRs are important for accessing patient information, assessing care plans, and monitoring progress. With the help of EHRs, the [...]

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Finding the Best EHR for Small Mental Health Practices

Providing outstanding patient care while balancing all of the recordkeeping, follow-up, and other responsibilities can be challenging. One tool that can help is an EHR (Electronic Health Record) system. While EHRs have been commonplace for years in hospitals and larger clinical settings, the costs and the learning curve required to master these systems has caused smaller practices to shy away from embracing them. [...]

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AI Rising: ChatGPT, Healthcare, and HIPAA Compliance

ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence (AI) large language model developed by OpenAI, has been creating a firestorm of attention since being opened to the public for testing in November 2022. Headlines boast that the chatbot has been able to pass exams at law schools and universities. As AI services like ChatGPT develop, potential benefits and problems are also being identified. At least $11 [...]

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Is Microsoft SharePoint HIPAA Compliant?

Launched officially in 2001, Microsoft SharePoint was one of the first applications to allow users to collaborate with team members through document storing, sharing, and access control. It later added social networking capabilities and the ability to build intranet web pages and wikis to enhance the user experience. At least a quarter million businesses use the cloud-based SharePoint Online platform to help [...]

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Is SurveyMonkey HIPAA Compliant?

With its whimsical name and easy-to-use survey and data-gathering tools, SurveyMonkey is one of the best-known and most widely used tools of its kind. But is it an appropriate tool in situations where patients’ protected health information is involved? What Makes a Software Tool HIPAA Compliant? When it comes to software, there are specific indications of the tool’s HIPAA compliance. Software HIPAA [...]

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Is DocuSign HIPAA Compliant?

The ability to digitally sign legally binding documents has streamlined how business is done. HIPAA laws do not specifically address signing documents, but many forms and records used in healthcare do require a physical or electronic signature. Those forms often contain protected health information, which HIPAA does address. One of the best-known companies in this arena is DocuSign. Millions of people use [...]

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Is LastPass a HIPAA Compliant Password Manager?

LastPass is one of the better-known password management tools on the market today. Lately, however, it’s become known for being involved in two recent hacking data breaches that may have compromised some customer information. Because LastPass encrypts passwords on customers' equipment, it appears that no password data was affected by either breach. But is LastPass HIPAA compliant? What Makes a Software Tool [...]

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Is Jotform HIPAA Compliant?

Jotform is an online application that allows users to build a wide variety of forms and other documents for their organizations. The app features an extensive list of templates to give users a headstart on their project or inspiration for something that they need more customized. One of their featured categories is HIPAA forms. But is Jotform HIPAA compliant? HIPAA Compliance of [...]

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Is Smartsheet HIPAA Compliant?

Smartsheet is one of those nearly indispensable little tools that make life easier for companies trying to manage large projects involving many people, such as implementing a new Electronic Health Record system. The software allows task assignment and tracking, posting of updates, and aids collaboration and work management. Many users do agree that it’s pretty helpful, but is Smartsheet HIPAA compliant? What [...]

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HIPAA and eCommerce: What You Need to Know

There are a ton of eCommerce sites you can use to host your online store. You probably already know that your eCommerce store must be PCI compliant, but have you considered HIPAA? If your goods or services are intended for patients and require patient information to be input for a purchase, the eCommerce platform you use to host your store must be HIPAA compliant. What is [...]

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