The Guard™ Compliance-as-a-Solution
from Compliancy Group

As a managed service provider (MSP), managed security service provider (MSSP), or IT professional, you don’t need another tool to add to your stack–you need a solution that will directly address the needs of your clients and prospects. The Guard™ Compliance-as-a-Solution from Compliancy Group will fundamentally change your business.

  • Increase MRR

  • Justify advanced security services

  • Double revenue, triple profit

  • Break into health care market

  • Differentiate your business


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Why Compliance-as-a-Solution?

Health care is currently one of the fastest growing segment of the US economy. With over 5 million businesses, health care is also the most at risk for ransomware. That’s because health care data is worth three times more than financial information alone on the dark web. Hackers are targeting health care now more than ever before.

That’s why the opportunity for MSPs to take advantage of the growing demand for Compliance-as-a-Solution is more important now than ever before.

Join the growing number of MSPs and MSSPs who have partnered with Compliancy Group to increase MRR and justify advanced security services.

The Cornerstone of your HIPAA Compliant Stack

Compliance-as-a-Solution is the key to building a HIPAA compliant stack, with all of the necessary elements MSPs need to address both security and compliance. Compliance-as-a-Solution goes hand-in-hand with security, allowing you to leverage advanced security services to health care clients. Compliance-as-a-Solution is the backbone of a HIPAA compliant stack, including services like secure messaging, monitoring and auditing, endpoint protection, business continuity, Network-as-a-Service, and user management.

Rather than offering one-off services, a HIPAA compliant stack with The Guard Compliance-as-a-Solution allows MSPs to dramatically increase their profit per seat, and realize higher MRR.

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