How Do I Get My HIPAA Certification?

Many organizations in healthcare are looking for HIPAA certification, the truth is, the government doesn’t issue HIPAA certifications. There are, however, third-party organizations that offer HIPAA compliance programs. These are not HIPAA certifications, however, they are meant to verify and validate that your organization has gone through their compliance program and have implemented an effective compliance program.

HIPAA Compliance, NOT HIPAA Certification

HIPAA certification

Although there is no HIPAA certification, there are third-party organizations that can audit your organization. HIPAA compliance experts will review your policies and procedures for effectiveness. The audits are meant to confirm that the physical, technical, and administrative safeguards required by HIPAA law have been met.

Compliancy Group is one such third-party organization that enables HIPAA covered entities and business associates to implement an effective HIPAA compliance program as required by the HHS.

However, in the event of an audit, these third-party validations have no legal standing as HIPAA certified, the OCR states, “Certifications do not absolve covered entities of their legal obligations under the Security Rule. Moreover, performance of a “certification” by an external organization does not preclude HHS from subsequently finding a security violation.”

HIPAA Verification

Our Seal of Compliance is an industry-recognized third-party HIPAA verification tool. Find out how you can earn your Seal!

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HIPAA Seal of Compliance

HIPAA Verification with Compliancy Group

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office for Civil Rights (OCR) is in charge of enforcing and creating HIPAA regulations. As such, they have established several rules in relation to privacy and security, that any entity working with protected health information (PHI) must follow. It is important to note, that in order to be HIPAA compliant, you must address the full HIPAA regulation in its entirety. HIPAA law can be confusing, and just because there is no HIPAA compliance certification, doesn’t mean that your organization can’t achieve compliance.

Compliancy Group enables healthcare organizations to achieve HIPAA compliance. Through our web-based HIPAA platform, clients conduct their required annual self-audits. Completing your self-audits enables our HIPAA software to identify your gaps, allowing us to tailor remediation plans specific to your organization’s needs.

We help you to create your organization policies and procedures, customized to apply directly to how your business operates. All of your employees are trained within our HIPAA software, allowing you to track their progress along the way. Compliancy Group facilitates business associate management by providing you with vendor questionnaires, to vet your vendors, and business associate agreements. We also provide you with the means for employees to report suspected breaches anonymously, and offer you full audit support!