Compliance made simple.

Welcome to Compliancy Group and thank you for joining us! We are so excited that you have made the decision to implement The Guard to address your healthcare compliance needs.

The Guard, our intuitive and efficient full-scope healthcare compliance software, will become your one source of truth for all of your healthcare compliance needs. 

Getting Started With Compliancy Group

Our goal is to make your onboarding experience seamless and to ensure that you feel comfortable and educated throughout the process. We value your time. Therefore, we have created an onboarding process that makes The Guard implementation fit into your schedule, on your time, so you can focus on your business.

Your Compliance Success Team includes:

Your main point of contact. It’s their job to make sure you have everything you need to achieve your healthcare compliance goals with The Guard. Whether you have a quick question or a more complicated issue you’re looking to solve, they are there to support you every step of the way!

Your experienced Coach will train you on all of the features and functionalities of The Guard within a few working sessions. They are your go-to for in-depth product knowledge.

A highly responsive United States based team will provide help through live chat and email when you have questions about The Guard.

Various members of our Compliance Success Team, including our subject matter experts, will assist in generating the documentation you need in the event of a HIPAA audit or investigation.

Your onboarding and training schedule entails:

Please plan for one call per week, beginning the first week. However, we will work on your time and schedule. 

This call with your OC and CSM includes going over your business needs and healthcare compliance goals, basic setup of the software, a high level overview of The Guard, an introduction of our Knowledge Base, and an explanation of the next steps.

In the first week it is crucial for your success to watch content-specific software videos that review the purpose of the modules in The Guard. The tutorials will assist you to make the most out of your 1:1 time with your OC and help you understand how to navigate The Guard.  Please write down your questions and bring them to your first training call.

  • Your OC will help you craft your personalized workflow and teach you how to use the tool to achieve your goals.
  • The remainder of this call will focus on understanding the Programs Module.
  • After this call you should understand how to review your controls and will begin to view your met controls.
  • This call topic will focus on the Policies & Procedures Modules, as well as Training.
  • Your OC will assist you to adopt your Policies.
  • After this call you will understand how to assign employee attestations and trainings.
  • Your OC will assist you in completing the remainder of your Modules.
  • After this call you should have the knowledge to complete the Assets and Vendors areas at your convenience.
  • The Enterprise tier customers will receive an additional call to support their healthcare compliance efforts within The Guard.
  • This call will tie up any last minute items that need to be reviewed.

Your OC will ensure you have the knowledge to complete any other items at your convenience.

  • At this point your CSM and OC have connected to ensure your CSM is versed on your progress in The Guard.
  • Your CSM will review the features and functions needed as well as the ongoing work that will be required of you to ensure you continue to make efforts to be healthcare compliant through out the year.

Following onboarding, there will be periodic check-in/product review calls, with the cadence based on your tier.

Congratulations, your onboarding process is complete and you have all the tools to continue on your compliance journey! 

Please note, managing healthcare compliance is an ongoing journey. Although the goal is to verify your compliance after your last call, this does not keep you compliant. The Guard will provide the direction needed to maintain your compliance efforts.

Our recommendations moving forward:

  • Log into The Guard just 30 minutes a week to check your Freshness Score.
  • Monitor your emails for notifications and action items.
  • Read our monthly newsletter.
  • Join our customer webinars.
  • Reach out to your CSM or Support when you need assistance. 

We are thrilled that you have joined us and we are here to support you!

Additional support

Access the Knowledge Base for commonly asked questions and supporting articles, live chat M-F 8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. ET, or to submit a ticket please go to:

855-854-4722 x2