Healthcare Regulatory Compliance Training

During new employee onboarding, you should prepare your staff for all aspects of their job. One area that is often overlooked in onboarding training is regulatory compliance. Healthcare regulatory compliance training is of particular importance as it ensures the safety and wellbeing of patients and staff, and that privacy standards are upheld.

Mandatory Compliance Training for Healthcare

Healthcare regulatory compliance training can cover a wide range of topics. Some compliance training is mandatory, while others are recommended. Mandatory compliance training for healthcare includes HIPAA and OSHA standards, which vary by healthcare specialty or job role. 

For example, if an employee is directly involved in the treatment of patients, they likely need personal protective equipment (PPE) and bloodborne pathogens training, but if the employee is in an administrative position, this type of training is not relevant to their job. All employees should receive training that ensures that patient information remains confidential, through HIPAA privacy and security training. Training all employees on cybersecurity best practices is also a good idea, as phishing and ransomware incidents have continued to plague the healthcare industry.

Healthcare organizations that treat Medicare or Medicaid patients must also consider CMS compliance, which may include fraud, waste, and abuse training. Other clinical training may be recommended to ensure patient safet depending on an employee’s job role. 

Healthcare Compliance Training Software

Healthcare compliance training software can make managing and tracking employee training much easier. Training software allows administrators to assign topics relevant to an employee’s job functions rather than giving all employees the same blanket training. It also allows employees to receive more in-depth training when needed. 

Different forms of training exist, and not all of them are right for everyone. Using training software that offers several formats for compliance courses is vital to the effectiveness of your training program. 

While healthcare compliance training videos make it easier for some employees to absorb the information, not everyone is a visual learner. Having the option for employees to listen to or read through the training material is valuable. Healthcare compliance training software should also test employee knowledge so that you can be confident that your employees understand all the information in the training material.

Compliancy Group’s Training Software

Compliancy Group’s comprehensive training educates employees on regulatory compliance and cybersecurity best practices. Course material was explicitly built to ensure individuals are actively engaged and empowered to protect patients and their organizations.

Employees can earn CE credits and take leadership courses for more in-depth training. Advanced courses are also offered as complete learning paths, allowing staff to be certified in various aspects of compliance and cybersecurity. Administrators get access to advanced reporting tools to track their team’s progress and their organization’s overall compliance and cybersecurity readiness levels.

With access to 90+ courses, various aspects of compliance and cybersecurity are covered, including HIPAA, OSHA, FWA, Cyber Safety, and Clinical. Training can be tailored to align with employee’s job roles, experience levels, and learning styles, ensuring each employee is trained effectively.

Find out why Compliancy Group’s approach is the most effective way to educate your staff.