Why should you be offering a HIPAA compliant stack?

MSPs have started to double their MRR and triple their profits using HIPAA compliance, but how? By using a HIPAA compliant stack, MSPs are able to have a full suite of services that they can add to new and existing clients and justify all of them through HIPAA compliance. Since MSPs have to go through HIPAA compliance themselves, they grow a unique understanding of not only the culture of compliance, and the non-security(soft side) of compliance, but can use their expertise to address the advanced security needs of businesses large and small.

Why bundle services into a HIPAA compliant stack?

Though all MSPs have learned how to piece meal parts of their services, offering a full suite of technology can help streamline the process, and give a complete package of total compliance at a 191% increase in MRR.

Why Healthcare?

With HIPAA compliance being required, you take all the guess work and “upselling” of services, and can refer directly to the regulation or security risk assessment when it comes to providing a medical business with a secure and complete solution.

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