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“Unbelievably thorough approach to the minefield of HIPAA regulations that no provider can possibly be adequately aware of. I have been well educated, and now well covered, in just a few weeks. Do yourself this favor.”

Stevin M, West Valley Optometry, Inc

“Compliancy Group walked us step by step through the process of becoming HIPAA compliant. What was once scary and overwhelming became doable with a coach to help us along the way. We love the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they are here to help us REMAIN compliant into the future.”

Shantel S, Jackson Eye Care

“HIPAA has been an overwhelming and stressing issue for me. The Guard has relieved that. My training coach, was very knowledgeable and walked me through every step and answered all my questions. I now have a better understanding of HIPAA as well as my staff and have the confidence I have been looking for. I would highly recommend The Guard because you have someone working along side you and not just supplying templates to customize to your office.”

Beth S,, Skiba Vision Center

“Doctors of Optometry have historically felt they are exempt from HIPAA regulations, but this is simply false. Having a policy manual is not the answer and does not make you compliant. A system to consistently facilitate the implementation and administration (The Guard) is key to achieving compliance.”

Jerry Godwin, CEO of Optometric Medical Solutions

When Compliancy Group first began its relationship with the American Optometric Association, CEO and President Marc Haskelson didn’t anticipate the personal connection he’d soon have with the eye care industry.

In an profile by U.S. News and World Report, the Haskelson family told the story of their daughter, Sofia. She’d had problems in school for years with reading and math. It turns out that the problem wasn’t with her comprehension, but with her vision.

Marc and his wife, Rosanna, sought the help of Dr. Andrea Thau–a Doctor of Optometry based out of New York City and the current President of the American Optometric Association.

Most people are familiar with routine visual screenings done in schools. But Dr. Thau explains that these rudimentary assessments are not the same as an eye exam performed by a Doctor of Optometry. Once Sofia began treatment with Dr. Thau, she was diagnosed and began corrective vision therapy.

Since then, Sofia has begun to excel in school. Her previous academic troubles have all but disappeared.

This change in the Haskelson household has been welcome, but it’s not their first encounter with the world of eye care. Compliancy Group is the endorsed HIPAA Compliance solution of the AOA: Excel and has helped hundreds of Doctors of Optometry implement a total HIPAA compliance program in their practices.

“Our commitment to eye care has been doubly rewarding for us,” said Haskelson. “Compliancy Group has gotten the chance to understand the issues facing Doctors of Optometry across the nation, and I’ve been able to connect my daughter with the quality care that she needs.”

Since 2015, Compliancy Group took its commitment to eye care one step further by contributing to the American Optometric Association Political Action Committee as a Visionary Donor.

In an announcement released by Haskelson, he reiterated:

“The efforts of the optometric community have had a profound effect on my family and my business. I’m honored to play a part in helping the AOA succeed in advocating for the interests of the many doctors of optometry with whom we do business on a daily basis.”

Helping the AOA fight and win for optometry continues to be a point of immense pride for Compliancy Group. Advocacy and community are central to its goals of educating eye care professionals across the country about the ongoing challenges of HIPAA compliance–and connecting them with solutions that fit with their needs.

Sofia’s story isn’t unique, but it does act as an apt analogy for the unique relationship that Compliancy Group has with the eye care industry.

Compliancy Group was founded to address the needs of health care professionals across the country, and along the way it has found a home among members of the eye care community. Compliancy Group has spoken at conferences and trade shows across the country hosted by the American Optometric Association, Vision Source, PERC, PRIMA, and First Eye Care.

By bringing The Guard–their web-based HIPAA compliance solution–to clients in eye care, Compliancy Group gives Doctors of Optometry a powerful tool to address the ever-changing needs of their practice. Join us as the eye care leaders in HIPAA compliance!

The Guard addresses all aspects of HIPAA regulation. It gives end-users control over the entire implementation process and allows them to keep up with their compliance year after year.

Users Achieve compliance through guided self-audits and remediation plans.

They Illustrate their compliance through employee training and attestation, BA and incident management, and documentation for everything they do.

And they Maintain their compliance with reminders for training, policy review, and breach management. Clients become confident in their compliance and always receive support, guidance, and education from Compliancy Group’s team of expert Compliance Coaches along the way.

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