Many covered entities and business associates attempt to tackle HIPAA on their own, not realizing how many components make up an effective compliance program. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) does not make it easy for healthcare organizations to figure out what exactly is required of them. This is where HIPAA outsourcing comes in.

HIPAA outsourcing allows healthcare organizations to become HIPAA compliant with the help of a HIPAA expert. There are many reasons why HIPAA outsourcing is a good idea, ten of these outsourcing reasons are discussed below.

HIPAA Outsourcing
  1. HIPAA is complex and confusing
  2. HHS values third-party verification
  3. Audit support
  4. Guided self-audits
  5. Customized remediation plans
  6. Customized policies and procedures
  7. Business associate management
  8. Help finding HIPAA compliant vendors
  9. Employee training, tracking, and attestation
  10. Documentation in one place

1. HIPAA is Complex and Confusing

HIPAA applies to a variety of types and sizes of organizations which is why the HHS left the regulation intentionally vague. This is because something that is appropriate for a large hospital system is not necessarily appropriate for a sole practitioner. When you use an expert for your HIPAA compliance, they can advise you as to what your business specifically needs to do to comply with the regulations.

2. HHS Values Third-party Verification

Although the HHS does not recognize HIPAA certifications, they do value third-party verification of your compliance program. Essentially, you can utilize a third-party organization to “check your work” to ensure that you have done everything HIPAA requires of you.

Let’s Simplify Compliance

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