Compliancy Group’s Partner Marketing Portal

Compliancy Group would like to announce its new partner portal for MSPs. We are excited to bring a new level of sales support and marketing to our MSP partners to help them engage with current clients and prospects to increase their ability to offer HIPAA compliance and justify advanced security services!

Email & Social Media Campaigns

The ability to upload your contacts and send out pre-built dynamic campaigns that will filter contacts based on their actions to receive appropriate emails to generate leads for your MSP. These emails have been tested by Compliancy Group’s marketing team for the highest performance.

Our social media campaigns are designed to inform your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter followers about the latest trends in HIPAA compliance. Simply press a button and choose the frequency you would like, and the campaign does the rest!

Auto-Branded Marketing Material

Your company’s logo will automatically be added to all emails, marketing materials, PDFs, landing pages, and marketing collateral. No more editing word documents or photoshopping standardized materials!

Lead Registration & Opportunity Tracking

It’s essential to register your deals with Compliancy Group–this allows you to claim a deal as yours! In the case that a registered deal finds us organically, they will not be marketed to, and we will reach out to you directly if they show up. We also allow you to create opportunities to track and leads, and inform Compliancy Group about where you are in the sales cycle, and if you close any deals!

Sales Tools & Training

Using our on demand sales training videos, we don’t only show you how to sell HIPAA compliance-as-a-solution, but provide examples from other MSP partners about exactly how they position and price Compliance-as-a-Solution and bundle it into their HIPAA compliant stack. We also include call scripts, demos, and other sales support materials to help you make money.

Start Offering HIPAA Compliance

Attract new clients and grow your business.