HIPAA Software Review

Consumers often look to reviews before making purchasing decisions, while companies look for feedback from customers to make improvements. Compliancy Group ensures that clients are satisfied with our compliance software and customer service by checking our customer reviews frequently, and making adjustments accordingly. When prospective clients look for a HIPAA software review, they will see that Compliancy Group comes highly recommended.

HIPAA Software Review: Customer Service

One thing we are most proud of is our incomparable customer service. Compliancy Group offers a unique value with our team of HIPAA experts, Compliance Coaches™, to guide clients through all things HIPAA. Compliance Coaches instruct clients on how to use our HIPAA software, facilitate implementation of an effective compliance program, answer any questions that may come up, and support clients through an OCR/CMS audit (should the need arise).


“Great experience in getting our business HIPAA compliant! Charlotte was extremely helpful in stepping us through the process.”


“Excellent customer service and very organized company.”


“We appreciate the complete willingness to be helpful and sincere effort to keep us educated and compliant.”

HIPAA Software Review: Simplification

A common HIPAA software review states that some softwares are difficult to use, making an already complex task more difficult. Compliancy Group aims to simplify compliance enabling clients to confidently focus on what they do best, while we take the daunting task of compliance off your hands. Our implementation process eases clients through implementing an effective HIPAA compliance program step-by-step.


“Very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the entire process. Provided me with a relatively simple process to get HIPAA compliant.”


“Excellent organization, they make an incredibly complex topic into simple and manageable steps to success.”


“Information provided through a phone conference was very simple yet informative. I can not wait to receive my HIPAA COMPLIANCE Seal.”

HIPAA Software Review: Knowledgeable

Our Compliance Coaches are experts in the field, Compliancy Group’s clients don’t need to specialize in HIPAA to get through our implementation process. Our knowledgeable staff take the guesswork out of compliance, giving clients peace of mind that we have them covered.


“This vendor is one of my favorite vendors. They drive you to compliance. Every person I have worked with in this company is knowledgeable, upbeat, and always understands their clients”


“Everyone we worked with was through and knowledgeable. Helps you with the process all the way through. I feel confident that we have a great HIPAA compliance plan in place now.”


“The team is very knowledgeable about HIPAA and has a heart for service. Highly recommend.”

Let us handle the complexity of HIPAA compliance.

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