Increase Efficiency with Compliance Software

Automate compliance so you can focus on your business.

As the old saying goes, “Time is money!” When it comes to managing healthcare compliance, you can spend months doing research on what you need to do before you even get started on the process. Compliancy Group does the legwork for you! Our software includes everything you need to manage your compliance efficiently and effectively.

“Compliancy Group’s software is exactly the answer I was looking for to create and manage my policies and procedures. Working with them saved me at least three years of work” – Clive Wilby, Compliance Officer, Alabama Cancer Centers.

Become Compliant Without the Hassle

Guided action items that meet compliance requirements

Complete set of compliance policies and procedures

Easy to answer risk assessment questionnaires

Live support to answer your compliance questions

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Hear from some of our valued clients!

“We were in a pinch with a prospective dental client. At the time, we didn’t have any other medical clients, and we needed to become compliant fast. Compliancy Group was able to get us through the process quickly and we won that dental client.

“Compliancy Group’s process was much simpler and quicker than I expected. Their guided support gave me confidence in my compliance — especially as a European company, with no prior HIPAA knowledge.”

“Using Compliancy Group’s software, we were able to quickly evaluate our compliance through guided risk assessments to determine gaps and areas that required improvement.”

Learn How Simple Compliance Can Be

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