Manage HIPAA Compliance Across Multiple Locations

Managing HIPAA compliance is a task on it’s own, adding multiple locations to the mix makes it increasingly complicated to manage and control effectively. Our HIPAA compliance software allows even a single person to take control of multiple locations or departments. Having a central software allows you to manage locations even across the state or county without increased hiring, or travel time.

Why use software for multiple locations?

  • Manage your main site, regional, and remote locations

  • Save money and the need to hire additional staff

  • Optimize management and employee time

  • Implement standardized policies and training


Many of our clients come to us with the issue of managing multiple locations both near and far. The issue of hiring others to manage these locations or have a single point of contact to do so has it’s challenges no matter how experience your staff is. Our software is designed to allow a single person whether a Compliance expert or not to effectively and efficiently manage these locations.

Using our software you can manage these remote locations from your desk, tracking all training, attestation of policies and procedures and the general status of HIPAA compliance throughout. No more driving from site to site, or hiring more staff to get the same outcome!

Keeping the reporting at the hands of the main admin is key, no matter what site you are auditing you will have full access to all your sites, or can limit the access depending on who is imperative to the compliance program.

The ability to train your employees and staff remotely yet effectively is a daunting task for any compliance officer. Most group trainings are deemed ineffective by the U.S. Government, and the need for tracking, and attestation is required under a Federal Audit. Using our HIPAA software tool, you can require and track staff training from anywhere without the need to travel, call or manually remind the trainees. We make training simple so you can avoid the frustration.

The need for the required auditing and assessments can take time and resources. We give you the ability to remotely audit the administrative and technical requirements of each office location. No more driving to each office multiple times a month or assigning others to conduct audits for your main office. Using our HIPAA software solution you can do the of multiple compliance offices without the time and frustration.

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