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Learn how SAR Technology used HIPAA compliance to bring on more healthcare clients, decrease their sales cycle and increase sales conversion.

The Challenge

SAR Technology Group had  healthcare clients, but they were looking to expand further into the healthcare vertical. Their goal was to offer a complete compliance and security package to their healthcare clients. At first, they tried to develop a compliance offering on their own, but then realizing the difficulty of developing a compliance program from the ground up, they turned to Compliancy Group.

The Solution

SAR Technology found Compliancy Group’s HIPAA compliance solution was the most comprehensive solution available, and the simplest to implement. SAR Technology evaluated  several compliance companies, finding other HIPAA solutions provided no guidance, leaving it up to the clients to navigate the complexities of HIPAA on their own.  

Compliancy Group uniquely offered a total solution combined with a Compliance Coach, this allowed SAR to offer a differentiated solution, maximizing their revenue and profit opportunity.

Simeon Roussimov, President, SAR Technology Group, “When doing our research on how to offer compliance, Compliancy Group made the most sense. Your approach was the easiest and the most comprehensive. Everybody else was either unresponsive or their approach was incomplete. They gave you guidelines, but they didn’t give you the policies, business associate agreements, or coaches. The coaches were the key, everyone else left you to do a lot of the work yourself. Versus Compliancy Group that had a live person to answer all of your questions.”

A key factor in SAR Technology choosing Compliancy Group, was their Audit Response Program, having never had a client fail an audit, and the Compliance Coaches. SAR Technology found that Compliancy Group was the only solution that offered clients the confidence they needed via a guide to walk them through implementing a total HIPAA compliance program.

The Benefits

Working with Compliancy Group changed SAR Technology’s business model, completely overhauling who they approach, and how they approach them. Instead of approaching prospects from a security perspective, SAR Technology started approaching them from a business and compliance solution perspective. Working with Compliancy Group allowed SAR Technology to understand exactly what they needed to do for HIPAA compliance, and enabled them to offer clients a complete package. 

Offering a HIPAA compliance solution differentiated SAR Technology. Their sales approach completely transformed, with the conversation changing from security to a compliance and business solution focused conversation. Compliance-as-a-Service (CaaS) decreased their sales cycle  and increased sales conversion.

Compliancy Group’s Partner Portal allowed SAR Technology to provide clients and prospects with the resources they needed to assess their compliance. A particularly useful resource was the HIPAA Compliance Checklist campaign. 

The HIPAA Compliance Checklist allows healthcare organizations to measure their current compliance program against HIPAA standards. Sending out the HIPAA Checklist to prospective clients is an excellent sales tactic, as it shows an organization where their compliance program is lacking.

The Partner Portal CRM platform provides training materials and sales advice, valuable for attracting and retaining clients. SAR Technology found that through the CRM integration, it was easy to send out customized campaigns to new and existing clients.

About SAR Technology Group, Inc.

SAR Technology is a managed service provider (MSP) concentrating on offering managed IT services to the healthcare market. They offer a complete package including hardware, security software Wifi, data backup, monitoring, business continuity, risk assessments, and HIPAA compliance.

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