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When looking into what to offer to increase your revenue, HIPAA is a good place to start. Your MSP’s service offerings should reflect the needs of the largest sector of the economy, healthcare. The best way to increase MSP revenue services is by offering HIPAA compliance services to your clients.

What is HIPAA and How Can You Help Your Clients Comply?

HIPAA established a set of rules that healthcare organizations must follow to keep patient information private and secure. Any organization that has access to, or the potential to access, patient protected health information (PHI) must follow these rules. The HIPAA Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification Rules provide guidelines for PHI use, protection, and breach reporting.

Where HIPAA becomes tricky is determining how HIPAA applies to your organization. This is because HIPAA was written to apply to a variety of sizes and types of organizations, stating that organizations must implement “reasonably appropriate” safeguards for their business.

This is where you come in.

You can help your clients determine what they need to do to be HIPAA compliant. While this may sound like something that is out of your wheel house, it doesn’t have to be. When you partner with Compliancy Group, you can help your clients accomplish something they desperately need, without the barriers to entry that you would normally find when looking to add to your MSP’s service offerings.

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HIPAA as an MSP Service Offering

Compliancy Group partners with MSPs and MSSPs to enable them to offer HIPAA to their clients without the usual barriers of entry that you see when trying to add to your offerings. This is because Compliancy Group’s Partner Program allows you to sell HIPAA compliance without having to be an expert. We service your healthcare clients so that you can focus on what you do best while we focus on what we do best. 

Our team of Compliance Coaches walk your clients through our HIPAA compliance software solution, enabling them to implement a complete HIPAA compliance program efficiently and effectively. Your client’s Compliance Coach is always available to answer any questions throughout the process.

Not only does offering a HIPAA service to your clients satisfy something they need, but HIPAA also highlights the need for the other tools in your stack. Tools such as endpoint security, RMM, penetration testing, password management, data backup, and disaster recovery are all justified by the requirements of the HIPAA regulations. By adding HIPAA compliance to your stack, you’re creating a value add for your clients while increasing your MRR.

A Compliancy Group Partner Program member, Rigid Bits, increased its deal size by 10 – 20%. The ability to upsell with a product that not everyone else can do with the confidence that Compliancy Group can – has helped them close more deals with HIPAA than they would have otherwise. By bundling in HIPAA with their other offerings, they increased their MRR with a service their client would need to address regardless.

Click here for your blueprint for becoming successful in healthcare. Download this comprehensive guide to achieving and offering HIPAA compliance.

HIPAA for You & Your Clients

You handle security, and we’ll handle compliance.

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