The United States Department of Labor (DOL), the federal agency that enforces OSHA law, has issued new OSHA enforcement guidance. The guidance is intended to be time-limited to the current COVID-19 public health crisis. Under the new guidance, OSHA has prioritized elimination and control of workplace exposure to SARS-Co-V-2, the cause of COVID-19. More about OSHA COVID-19 enforcement is discussed below.

Updated OSHA COVID-19 Enforcement Strategy

OSHA COVID-19 Enforcement

Most workplaces within the scope of OSHA’s authority have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. In response, OSHA has issued an updated Response Plan for workplace COVID-19 safety enforcement. The plan focuses on employers that are not making good-faith efforts to protect workers from COVID-19. It provides updated guidance for employer handling of COVID-19 related complaints, referrals, severe illness reports, and inspection priorities.

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OSHA COVID-19 Enforcement and Inspections

Under the new guidance, OSHA is prioritizing the protection of OSHA enforcement personnel, by ensuring they have the resources necessary to safely perform inspections. 

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