OSHA for Dental Practices

Satisfy Your Practice’s OSHA Requirements!

No matter the size of your practice, our software ensures you are fulfilling every aspect of the law while creating a safer, happier, and more productive workplace.

You receive directions, instructions, and tips on how to navigate an incredibly detailed law. Our OSHA software provides you with forms, programs, plans, policies and procedures, audits, and training that specifically cover the practice of dentistry.

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What Our OSHA Software Contains

OSHA Safety Manual

Policies and procedures address both general safety requirements and safety topics specific to dental practices.

Training Presentations

Role-specific safety training on bloodborne pathogens, ionizing radiation, and respirable crystalline silica and beryllium standards.

Template Programs

Simply fill in your company’s information to create your structured plan. Receive guided instructions on using the templates.

Template Exposure Control Programs

Minimize exposure to hazards and protect employees with templated exposure control programs designed for dental practices.

Forms and Logs

Meet OSHA recordkeeping standards with forms and logs that document your OSHA compliance. Prove that you’re taking steps to ensure employee safety!


Assessments that demonstrate your practice has appropriate safety measures in place, as part of a good-faith effort to meet OSHA requirements.

All your OSHA requirements, in one place.

Our OSHA product explains and breaks down the regulatory language into practical, understandable, readable material that you can use to train employees and build a culture of OSHA compliance.

HIPAA and OSHA Dental

A comprehensive software made for dental professionals.

Medical and dental offices have a high rate of injury and illness cases – fulfilling your OSHA requirements helps protect your employees and your practice.

Client Reviews

Hear from some of our valued clients!

“We are fortunate to have the excellent services of the Compliancy Group and their technological solutions to make managing this area a breeze!”

“I love that the staff is always available and so helpful during the process even throughout the year when we have questions.”

“Everything was really precise, the level of information was outstanding.”

“They have helped and been there every step of the way.”

Dental OSHA Compliance

Modernize compliance with software designed for dental practices.