OSHA Incident Tracking Software

In compliance with healthcare safety and privacy regulations, organizations must document and report all incidents of noncompliance to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). These reports must include injuries, illnesses, and deaths resulting from these incidents.

To this end, the OSHA Incident Tracker allows organizations to digitally enter and report detailed incident information to the proper authorities. This app reduces the paperwork, time, and effort that typically come with traditional tracking efforts.

What Is the OSHA Incident Tracker?

An online digital tool, the OSHA Incident Tracking Application or app, enables you to document and report work-related injuries, illnesses, and fatalities. You can manually enter incident-related data or upload entire files to the system. This OSHA-based app eliminates the need for paperwork and many bureaucratic steps, which otherwise hinder efficiency and accuracy in incident reporting.

The OSHA tracking software is more than a reporting tool. You can use it to obtain injury and other data across the healthcare industry for analysis. For example, you can track rates of specific noncompliance incidents with the OSHA violation tracker to pinpoint patterns likely occurring in your workplace. Such insights can lead to more evidence-based and timely improvements to procedures.

OSHA incident tracking requires completing the injury report form available on the tracking app. When you complete the form, you need to provide the following types of information:

  • Workplace: Hospital or facility name, industry or healthcare sector, classification code, and establishment ID
  • Employee: Involved worker’s name, hiring date, job title and description, and duties
  • Incident: Date of incident, nature, and severity of the incident, general (injury/illness/death) and specific type (e.g., struck-by accident), and part(s) of the body hurt or affected
  • Hospitalization: Hospitalization or treatment date(s), name and address of hospital or clinic, medical tests and surgeries ordered, and prescribed medicines, equipment, or therapies
  • Additional information: Details outside the scope of the above categories

Getting Started with OSHA Incident Tracking Software

While digital tools can make work tasks more manageable, error-free, and time-efficient, they can still seem complicated, even when healthcare professionals must increasingly work with digital platforms. Furthermore, integrating incident tracking software into your current workflow requires significant effort and time.

Although OSHA tracking software is designed to be user-friendly, many healthcare professionals may still find it intimidating and overwhelming. That’s why many hospitals, practices, and other organizations rely on compliance providers like Compliancy Group for guidance, leaving nothing to chance when it comes to reporting compliance. Getting support in using OSHA incident tracking software means reducing errors and avoiding the pitfalls of noncompliance.

The experts at Compliancy Group have extensive knowledge about and experience with healthcare compliance. Our job is to ensure that your organization uses the software successfully to meet all OSHA compliance requirements, including incident reporting.

With support and guidance from our software, you can mitigate risks, maintain OSHA compliance, and promote privacy and safety with confidence.

Compliancy Group is a leading healthcare compliance provider, and we work closely with healthcare organizations to help them meet OSHA tracking and other compliance requirements. Contact us today to learn more about our services and resources, including our OSHA compliance software

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