Webinar: How to Use Security & HIPAA Compliance
to Expand Your Business

Security and HIPAA compliance work hand-in-hand to protect organizations from data breaches and government fines. But there’s an important distinction between them that most people don’t understand. In this webinar we will highlight how compliance and security interact, and how they can be used together to help Phone.com Channel Partner Program members and your clients avoid breaches and fines. You will also learn the value in re-selling HIPAA compliance and Security to expand your business through the rapidly growing Healthcare industry.

Attend this session to learn how you can increase revenue and
client retention offering security & HIPAA compliance as a service!

Date: Tuesday, August 8th at 2 ET/11 PT

  • Hacked Passwords on the Dark Web.  Would your clients value understanding what passwords on their domain has already been hacked (and for sale) on the dark web?  We can also scan for a range of IP addresses to identify hacked network devices.
  • A HIPAA Security Assessment is insufficient to cover your customer needs.  We’ll share what you need to provide.
  • What are the essential security intrusion protection and detection services that you can offer your clients?
  • Misunderstandings in HIPAA and how your education can lead to sales.
  • HIPAA as a Door opener to new markets.
  • HIPAA as a market differentiator to win Healthcare clients.

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