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Healthcare information and client data have become more at risk than ever, and in the past five years, the number of people directly concerned with their data privacy has increased by 7%. Due to this slight increase, more businesses are prioritizing the use of SOC 2 templates and the overall integrity of their data processing.

With the landscape of not just healthcare but general data threats continuously evolving, seven out of 10 adults in the U.S. are “very” concerned about how their data is used by the companies they work with. In today’s market, this often means the difference between client retention and losing out on business and growth opportunities.

To avoid the loss of opportunities that could positively affect your business, getting a better understanding of how to influence your SOC 2 report and how to use SOC 2 policy templates to streamline your compliance strategy can make a significant difference. SOC 2 policies, and your adherence to them, showcase your company’s commitment to security and data protection for your clients. Keep reading as we explain what you need to know about enhancing your security plans and compliance ratings.

The Primary Role of SOC 2 Policies and Procedures for Healthcare Vendors

Did you know that 87% of consumers won’t do business with certain companies if they have concerns about how their data is handled and what that business’s security practices are? This means that data protection can’t be put on the back burner. The framework of SOC 2 focuses on ensuring fine-tuned security, proper data processing, availability, confidentiality, and privacy of customer data. The primary role of this standard is to make sure that all third-party service providers being used are storing and processing client data securely.

While this may seem straightforward, businesses still consistently struggle with navigating SOC 2 audits and choosing their SOC 2 report type, and they almost completely lack the needed knowledge regarding expectations for SOC examinations. This is the primary reason SOC 2 templates are used… to provide a better starting point for policy development that outlines specific controls and to save time on strategy implementation.

How Do Internal Policies Directly Effect SOC 2 Compliance?

SOC 2 policies and procedures primarily revolve around mitigation strategy and assessing risk. These policies, even with a state-of-the-art security system in place, can still be difficult to comply with. The reasons for this difficulty range from not understanding control requirements or performing successful penetration testing to a lack of internal policy adherence which, in turn, increases human error.

Some of the best ways to eliminate these internal struggles are for companies to use SOC 2 policy templates, regularly review and update their internal policies as needed, and align their policies with audit criteria.

SOC 2 Policy Templates Enhance Security Processes

SOC 2 requires businesses to implement a variety of access controls. This can range from vendor management to frequent system observation and reporting. Considering the data safeguards needed to remain compliant with SOC 2, businesses would benefit from policy templates and automated solutions that not only facilitate adherence to internal policies but training requirements as well. This helps establish a baseline for compliance while also eliminating the concern for human error and disruption.

A SOC 2 framework built for SaaS operations can streamline vendor management, provide a robust incident reporting system, and shorten response times to incidents. SOC 2 policy templates help complement these features.

Acquire More Peace of Mind for Your Business with SOC 2

Healthcare data breaches have been at an all-time high, with 116 million people being negatively affected within the healthcare industry alone by the end of 2023. A readiness software specifically designed for SOC 2 compliance can put your company ahead by allowing you to be more proactive versus reactive when it comes to your client’s data. Compliancy Group offers a comprehensive solution built to automate and streamline your security processes while flagging any vulnerabilities that arise during your operations.

To take advantage of evidence collection, redundancy elimination, and guided program templates that simplify SOC 2 compliance and reporting, schedule a demo with Compliancy Group today.

Get Ready for SOC 2 with Software

Elevate your security standards with SOC 2 readiness software.

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