Planning for 2023: New State Data Privacy Laws Coming Online

On May 10, 2022, Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont signed the Connecticut Data Privacy Act, making Connecticut the fifth state in the nation to pass a comprehensive data privacy law after California, Colorado, Utah, and Virginia. Together, these laws represent a monumental shift in the regulatory landscape for businesses and impose significant and meaningful legal obligations on companies nationwide – regardless of where the company is located. [...]

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California Protects Residents with the Introduction of the California Consumer Privacy Act

The ways in which businesses collect and use consumer data have been a cause for concern for many people. The sale of personal information has been largely unregulated, causing many states to implement their own privacy laws to better protect the personal information of their residents.  The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) enacted on June 28, 2018, established four rights in regards to personal information. [...]

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