One Breach Led to Another: Independence Blue Cross Breach

In 2018, the MyFitnessPal app was hacked, affecting 150 million users. The hack exposed the login credentials for app users; a year later, it was discovered that the stolen credentials were being sold on the dark web. Recently, that breach led to another, the Independence Blue Cross breach.  Is your organization secure? Find out now with our HIPAA compliance checklist. Independence Blue Cross Breach: What Happened On May 8, [...]

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745,352 Affected by June Healthcare Breaches

The Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Office for Civil Rights (OCR) publicly lists breaches, affecting more than 500 patients, on their breach portal, known colloquially as the “wall of shame.” The breaches reported on the wall of shame in June affected 745,352 patients. June healthcare breaches are discussed below. Are you adequately protecting patient data?  Find out now with our HIPAA compliance checklist. June Healthcare Breaches: Hacking/IT [...]

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47K Affected by American Medical Technologies Email Breach

American Medical Technologies recently discovered an email breach that affected 47,767 patients. Details about the American Medical Technologies email breach are discussed below. Is your organization secure?  Find out now with our HIPAA compliance checklist. American Medical Technologies Email Breach: What Happened On December 17, 2019, American Medical Technologies (AMT) discovered that one of their employee’s email accounts had been hacked. Upon discovery, AMT contracted a third-party forensics firm [...]

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15 Million Affected by LifeLabs Data Breach

LifeLabs, a Canadian based healthcare organization, was the victim of a cyberattack in November 2019. After an investigation conducted by Ontario and British Columbia Information and Privacy Commissioners, it was found that the LifeLabs data breach was the result of inadequate security policies and safeguards. Is your organization secure? Find out now with our HIPAA compliance checklist. LifeLabs Data Breach: What Happened? November 1, 2019 - LifeLabs data breach [...]

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Kaiser Permanente Employee Placed on Administrative Leave

Kaiser Permanente, the California-based American healthcare giant, is one of America’s largest not-for-profit health plans. Kaiser serves over 12 million patients across the country. Recently, Kaiser reported an incident of unauthorized access to PHI to the Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Office for Civil Rights (OCR). An imaging technician had accessed protected health information (PHI) that fell outside the scope of the employee’s job role. The employee [...]

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Cyber Attacks on Cloud Services Rise 630%

McAfee conducted a study on cyber attacks on cloud services to determine if there has been an increase in attacks since the COVID-19 pandemic. The results are staggering, exposing a 630% rise in cyber attacks on cloud services since January 2020. With an increase of 50% in the use of cloud services, and a 600% increase in collaboration services, this discovery is troubling to say the least. *McAfee Cloud [...]

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May Healthcare Breaches Affected 157,000 Patients

The Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Office for Civil Rights (OCR) posts breaches affecting more than 500 patients to their online breach portal. According to the OCR breach portal, May healthcare breaches affected 157,173 patients. Of the 15 reported breaches, 9 breaches were due to hacking/It incidents, 5 breaches were due to unauthorized access/disclosure of protected health information (PHI), while one incident was caused by the improper [...]

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How Data Obtained from Healthcare Breaches is Used

The frequency in which healthcare breaches are occurring is cause for concern; it seems like every day there is news about another healthcare breach. Healthcare entities hold a wealth of information on patients including names, addresses, Social Security numbers, treatment information, credit card information, as well as other sensitive information. Protected health information (PHI) is more valuable today than ever before. Hackers can use the information gained from a [...]

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Business Email Compromise Scammers Target COVID-19 Researchers

Business email compromise (BEC) – also known as CEO impersonation – is a favorite crime of Internet con artists because the practice relies on what any con operation requires for success: deception. These criminals target employees with access to company cash. Scammers identify which individuals have this access, and the names of the CEOs for whom they work, the scammer then sends the individuals a seemingly legitimate email requesting [...]

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LabCorp Data Breaches Lead to Cybersecurity Lawsuit

LabCorp, a leading healthcare diagnostics company that offers laboratory and genetics testing services, has been sued by one of its shareholders to recover share value losses caused by two data breaches suffered by LabCorp within the last twelve months. In this cybersecurity lawsuit, the shareholder, Raymond Eugenio, seeks money damages as well as public acknowledgment by LabCorp that the second of the two breaches took place. What Does the [...]

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