Is Twitter HIPAA Compliant?

Using social media to promote your business can be an excellent way to grow your practice. But have you thought about how HIPAA plays into your social media strategy? Twitter, for instance, can be used, but with certain restrictions. In the traditional sense, Twitter is not HIPAA compliant. Why? Twitter does not sign business associate agreements (BAAs) with users.  Twitter’s Terms of [...]

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Anti-Social Media – How a Post Becomes a HIPAA Violation

In a world where hundreds of millions of tweets, posts, snaps, and stories are posted on social media daily, sharing information about our lives may seem like second nature. But for those in the healthcare industry, sharing the wrong thing could result in a HIPAA violation. Here are a few examples of how a seemingly innocent social media post can go wrong [...]

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HIPAA and Social Media

HIPAA and social media use can lead to some of the most common misunderstandings that healthcare professionals face. Employees who aren’t properly trained on HIPAA and social media can potentially expose your organization to costly HIPAA violation fines. Whether your practice is using Facebook to attract new clients, or your employees are posting about their workday on Twitter, improper use of social media or operating without social media [...]

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