The Importance of HIPAA in Protecting Your Business

When the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act was signed into law in 1996, it ushered in a series of changes to how healthcare operates. The federal law established baseline standards for protecting the health records of patients, and it also gave patients greater rights to access their health records. The law also added a level of confusion to a complex marketplace. [...]

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To be Useful, Online HIPAA Services Must Be Complete

When healthcare providers and the vendors that serve them seek guidance about HIPAA Compliance, an internet search for “online HIPAA” is one place to start.  You’ll find promises of (nearly) free training, compliance, or certification offered, but how do these online HIPAA compliance services match what the government requires to be HIPAA compliant? Online HIPAA Services – How We Got Here The [...]

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Are You Using HIPAA Compliant Billing Software?

Whether your company delivers healthcare directly or assists providers, there are challenges every day. Patients, pandemics, or a plethora of other things pull on your time and attention. You never have to wonder if you’re making things better for others. Are the services you’re using doing the same for you? Specifically, are you using HIPAA compliant billing software? To help you decide, [...]

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Causes and Effects of HIPAA Violations in the Dental Field

Building and maintaining a thriving dental practice is not a simple task. Between keeping your staff at peak efficiency, managing vendors, marketing your services, treating patients, and everything else in your day, it’s easy to overlook something like HIPAA compliance. Unfortunately, HIPAA violations in the dental field can create severe issues for your practice. Who Defines HIPAA Violations in the Dental Field [...]

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No HIPAA Incident Response Plan is Planned Failure

Nearly Half of Healthcare Orgs Have No HIPAA Incident Response Plan for Cyberattacks Despite the growing threat of cyberattacks such as phishing, hacking, and ransomware, 42 percent of surveyed healthcare organizations haven’t implemented a HIPAA incident response plan to address these vulnerabilities. Failure to implement an incident response plan is a clear violation based upon HIPAA’s security rule. [...]

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HIPAA 2022 Predictions: Deja Vu and New

What will HIPAA 2022 bring? Picture the end of 2020. A raging COVID pandemic, for which vaccinations had only started. An outgoing Presidential administration giving the reins to a new one. And, in the middle of all of this, some seeds planted by the federal government seemed bound to blossom into changes in HIPAA law and regulations.  At the end of 2020, [...]

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Illinois Medical Marijuana HIPAA Compliance Required

The deadline for Illinois Medical Marijuana dispensaries to become HIPAA compliant was December 1, 2021. As of this date, Illinois medical marijuana HIPAA compliance is required for all dispensaries in the state that provide marijuana products to patients. This includes completion of a security risk assessment and encryption of electronic devices and networks that contain the protected health information (PHI) of patients. [...]

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Employees Vital to Preventing HIPAA Violations

Whether you’re opening a new medical practice, or starting a business to serve providers, preventing HIPAA violations is likely the last thing on your mind. Even when you make the effort to comply with HIPAA’s requirements for Privacy, Security and Breach Notification, data breaches can still occur. As news reports of ransomware, cybercrime and hacking increase, it is very easy to forget [...]

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HHS Increases Civil Monetary Penalties for HIPAA Violations

Under federal government logic, when the cost of living goes up, the amounts of monetary penalties for violations of certain federal laws must go up too. So, in November of 2021, the Department of Health and Human Services announced that it was raising the civil monetary penalties for each of the four tiers of HIPAA violations. The new dollar values are discussed below. [...]

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Completing Your Annual HIPAA Risk Assessment Before the Deadline

You must complete a HIPAA risk assessment each year, and now is the time to do so. Conducting an annual HIPAA risk assessment is an important part of compliance, as well as being integral to protecting your business against breaches. This is because risk assessments reveal vulnerabilities, threats, and risks to protected health information (PHI), thus uncovering deficiencies in your current security practices. [...]

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