Email Protection Systems: What Do They Mean for Your Organization

October is Cybersecurity Month, making it an excellent time to look at what you’re doing to protect the data in your care. To guide you in this process, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recommends ten practices that anyone handling ePHI needs to implement. The first recommended practice is email protection systems. What Are Email Protection Systems? Email protection systems [...]

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How to Make Sure You’re Using HIPAA Compliant Email

If you are a healthcare organization working with protected health information (PHI), you need to make sure all communication, storage, and transmission of PHI is HIPAA compliant, this includes email communications. HIPAA compliant email encryption is essential to securing patients' sensitive information. But what is HIPAA compliance, and what are the HIPAA email rules and steps for email to become HIPAA compliant? [...]

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