HIPAA Compliant Cloud Storage: How to Pick the Right Solution

As an MSP working with healthcare clients, you must consider compliance. This is because there are several areas in which you can interact with patient data. This may include backups, fileshare platforms, hosted VoIP, or any other cloud apps that have access to client data. Your healthcare clients need to trust that you are using HIPAA compliant tools to manage their data, including the cloud storage [...]

2023-07-25T13:14:14-04:00December 9th, 2022|

Don’t Overlook the HIPAA Compliance of Your MSP Tools

If you’re a Managed Service Provider (MSP), you know that business depends upon your reputation. The MSP tools that you use to manage your clients effectively while maintaining the security and privacy of their data are vital to maintaining that reputation. That’s especially true when working with organizations required to be HIPAA compliant. How does that affect the MSP tools you use to support them? [...]

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