Employees Vital to Preventing HIPAA Violations

Whether you’re opening a new medical practice, or starting a business to serve providers, preventing HIPAA violations is likely the last thing on your mind. Even when you make the effort to comply with HIPAA’s requirements for Privacy, Security and Breach Notification, data breaches can still occur. As news reports of ransomware, cybercrime and hacking increase, it is very easy to forget [...]

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Does My Staff Need HIPAA Training?

Does my staff need HIPAA training, is a common question asked by organizations. Does your organization handle, or have the potential to view, protected health information (PHI)? If so, your staff needs HIPAA training. More details on what types of organizations are required to conduct HIPAA training, and what should be included in HIPAA training, are discussed below. Does My Staff Need [...]

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A Fun Way to Learn HIPAA!

In the serious world of HIPAA it is good for us to all have some fun sometimes! Though HIPAA and fun don't always go hand in hand we wanted to create a list of ways for you and your staff to learn and understand compliance. There's a way to do so while training/informing employees. As the leaders in HIPAA education, we provide free HIPAA compliance training, webinars, checklist, and [...]

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