Fun HIPAAIn the serious world of HIPAA it is good for us to all have some fun sometimes! Though HIPAA and fun don’t always go hand in hand we wanted to create a list of ways for you and your staff to learn and understand compliance.

There’s a way to do so while training/informing employees. As the leaders in HIPAA education, we provide free HIPAA compliance training, webinars, checklist, and more. All designed to help you understand what is needed for HIPAA compliance without dragging you through thousands of pages of a HIPAA manual. Feel free to show this to employees, or to take a break out of your busy day to help brush up on HIPAA!

1. Use our HIPAA Recipe Book

Ever wonder the perfect recipe for compliance? Our HIPAA cookbook does exactly that, guiding you through the ingredients for HIPAA, the time it takes for each step, and everything else you need to cook up the perfect HIPAA compliance plan.

2. Watch our Free HIPAA training

We provided this training as a way to help you and your staff understand HIPAA compliance. Training is only one aspect of an effective compliance program, please make sure to check out our other resources!

3. Attend our FREE HIPAA Webinars

Though we all get so many webinar invites they are still one of the best ways to educate and learn. We provide a monthly HIPAA webinars, never a boring “HIPAA 101” or listening to a lawyer speak in a language you’ve never heard.

4. Download Our HIPAA Checklist

How is it possible to condense HIPAA into one page? Well we found a way to do it, our HIPAA checklist takes the entire regulation and condenses it to one simple checklist, check it off, print it out, whatever you’d like!

5. Software Demos

Ok fine… this one isn’t “fun” but we love it. Not to toot our own horn but we love our software and even though it may not be fun, it sure does make HIPAA easier.