Social Media HIPAA Violations: When Can a Provider Disclose PHI?

Social media HIPAA violations are becoming a more common occurrence, especially in today's increasingly digital healthcare landscape. With news stories of social media HIPAA violations making headlines day after day, the risk to your patients' privacy and your practice's reputation can't be ignored. HIPAA Authorizations and Disclosures There are two clear-cut scenarios in which a covered entity, like a physician or healthcare [...]

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Connecticut HIPAA Lawsuit, Patients May Now Sue over HIPAA Violations

2018 marks the year that Connecticut citizens are now allowed to file HIPAA lawsuits against providers for unwarranted release of their protected health information (PHI). This ruling was issued for a HIPAA violation case between the Avery Center for Obstetrics and Gynecology in Westport, Connecticut, and one of their patients, Emily Byrne. Byrne sued Avery Center for negligence and breach of contract after the Center [...]

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