Morley Companies Ransomware Hack Leaks Data for 500k+

A ransomware hack of Morley Companies Inc. resulted in the possible compromise of the personal data of at least 521,046 individuals. The provider of business process outsourcing and meeting solutions to dozens of Fortune 500 companies revealed the ransomware hacking incident in a filing with the Office of the Maine Attorney General and a post on their website. Details of Morley Companies [...]

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HIPAA Genetic Information

Before passage of the 2013 HIPAA Omnibus Rule, genetic information was not specifically included in the HIPAA regulations’ definition of protected health information (PHI). With passage of the Omnibus Rule, genetic information is now specifically included in the definition of PHI. As such, covered entities must implement safeguards under the HIPAA Privacy Rule to prevent unauthorized use or disclosure of HIPAA genetic information.     What is [...]

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Cyber & Privacy Risk Infographic

  Infographic authored by Compliancy Group, The Compliancy Group. To view the original post, click here. For permission to use this on your site just copy and paste the code below! [codebox line_numbers="false" remove_breaks="true" lang="html"]<div style="width: 420px;"><a href=""> <img alt="Where Security and Privacy Meet Infographic" src="" /></a> Infographic authored by Compliancy Group, <a href="">The Compliancy Group</a>. To view the original post, <a href="">click here</a>.</div> <div style="width: 420px;"></div>[/codebox]    

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