Healthcare Ransomware Attack Affects 200K

Woodcreek Provider Services suffered a healthcare ransomware cyber attack affecting 200,000 patients. More details are discussed. Woodcreek Provider Services Healthcare Ransomware Attack Netgain Technology, a business associate of Woodcreek Provider Services, suffered a healthcare ransomware attack that compromised protected health information (PHI). The healthcare cyber attack affected not only Woodcreek Provider Services, but also Woodcreek Healthcare and Multicare, among others. The healthcare ransomware [...]

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100K Patients Affected by Arizona Eyecare Breach

A ransomware attack occurring on January 13 affected up to 100,000 eyecare patients. The Arizona eyecare breach targeted Cochise Eye and Laser, maliciously encrypting their patients’ files. More details are discussed. Cochise Eye and Laser Eyecare Breach Cochise Eye and Laser runs three eyecare medical offices in Arizona, treating thousands of patients. On January 13, 2021, Cochise Eye and Laser was targeted by a ransomware attack that compromised [...]

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Healthcare Phishing Attacks Plague the Industry

Phishing attacks have long since plagued the healthcare industry, however, as of late, they have rapidly grown in both frequency and scope. Recent healthcare phishing attacks are discussed below. What are Healthcare Phishing Attacks? Healthcare phishing attacks occur when hackers gain access to an organization’s sensitive data through an employee’s email account. This is accomplished by sending an employee, or multiple employees, emails [...]

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Third-Party Causes Kroger Pharmacy Breach

The influx of third-party breaches should be of concern for any organization working in healthcare. Hackers often target third-party providers to access the sensitive data that they manage for their clients. This fact is evident by the recently announced Kroger pharmacy breach which stemmed from a vulnerability in their file transfer provider, Accellion. More details about the Kroger pharmacy breach are discussed. What We Know About the Accellion [...]

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Thousands of Patient Files Posted to the Dark Web

On February 5, 2021, tens of thousand of healthcare patient files from Leon Medical Centers and Nocona General Hospitals were posted for sale on the dark web during a cyberattack. More details about this cyber ransomware healthcare attack are discussed below.  Patient Files for Sale When hackers access the networks of healthcare organizations through cyber ransomware attacks, the hackers often exfiltrate the organization’s [...]

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2021 Healthcare Cybersecurity Outlook Bleak

According to a new study conducted by Black Book Market Research, healthcare breaches are likely to triple in the coming year. With the growing concern surrounding healthcare cybersecurity, the study as well as cybersecurity best practices are discussed below. 2020 State of Healthcare Cybersecurity Industry Report Discoveries The Black Book Market Research study, which surveyed 2,464 security professionals from 705 healthcare organizations, aimed at uncovering security gaps and [...]

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Hackers Demand Ransom from Patients After Healthcare Provider Refuses to Pay

Hackers demand ransom from patients after a hacked Finnish healthcare provider declined to pay the ransom for the return of patient files. More details are discussed. What Caused Hackers to Demand Ransom From Patients Vastaamo, a Finnish organization that serves 40,000 patients with 22 locations across Finland, was targeted by hackers. Through the ransomware attack, hackers were able to access the psychotherapy [...]

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FBI Warns Healthcare Organizations About Ransomware Threat

The FBI, along with the HHS and another government agency, have issued a warning to healthcare organizations stating that they have, "credible information of an increased and imminent cybercrime threat to U.S. hospitals and healthcare providers." The ransomware threat warning is discussed. FBI Ransomware Threat Warning Ransomware attacks have become more prevalent as of late with hackers exploiting the coronavirus pandemic in several [...]

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Universal Health Services Ransomware Attack Largest in History

NBC News has reported that Universal Health Services, a major U.S. hospital chain, experienced what seems to be a ransomware attack. Details of the Universal Health Services ransomware attack are discussed below. Universal Health Services Ransomware Attack: What Happened? Universal Health Services, which operates more than 400 locations, was the victim or a ransomware attack that targeted their computer systems. Two nurses [...]

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215K Patients Affected in Latest Phishing Attacks in Healthcare

Utah Pathology Services and Dynasplint Systems are the latest victims of phishing attacks in healthcare. More details about the incidents are discussed below. Phishing Attacks in Healthcare: Utah Pathology Services Utah Pathology was targeted by hackers who used an employee’s email account to gain access to the healthcare organization’s network. On June 30, they discovered a breach when hackers tried to redirect [...]

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