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CG The GuardThe terms “complete solution,” and “total solution,” have been thrown around with growing frequency by organizations competing in the compliance-as-a-service market over the past few years, so perhaps it’s best to begin by defining what exactly these terms mean for us, and what they don’t mean for everybody else.

The way we see it, there are three kinds of healthcare compliance solutions on the market today–consultant-based solutions that leave you exposed over the long-term, partial solutions that fail to address everything the regulation entails, and total solutions that address the full extent of the regulation with comprehensive guidance through self-controlled audits. Compliancy Group’s The Guard™ total solution accounts for all aspects of HIPAA regulation, and provides clients with the support necessary to achieve, illustrate, and maintain compliance throughout their day-to-day operations and over the long-term, in between annual check-ins.

Since day one we’ve operated as a total healthcare compliance solution. If you’re wary, check out the Office for Civil Rights’ guidelines for the Seven Essential Elements of an Effective Compliance Program. These are the barebones, absolute minimum requirements that OCR requires for HIPAA compliance. But even as basic as the Seven Elements are, most healthcare compliance solutions that advertise their compliance services, while only providing risk assessments and security safeguards, fail to address what the regulation actually requires.

We tell our clients that there are dozens of ways to be compliant, but only one way to do it right. So while security is an essential part of a total compliance solution, it means next to nothing on its own, especially in the event of an OCR audit. These security healthcare compliance solutions and partial-fixes that claim they can provide total compliance are no better than the old days when buying a blue binder from a consultant and being told to figure it out on your own was the best option out there.

Compliancy Group’s The Guard™ is the only solution that addresses the full spectrum of HIPAA regulation while empowering health care professionals through education and guidance.  Our user-centric total solution is built to keep clients integrally involved in the process of achieving compliance, illustrating their progress, and maintaining confidence in their HIPAA compliance from day one.

Built for You

The Guard builds a culture of compliance, with web-based access available to every member of a practice or organization so that everyone has a hand in understanding exactly what’s expected of them–and it’s all laid out neatly and optimized for the needs of your practice with the help of our team of Compliance Coaches. There’s enough confusion circulating around HIPAA regulation itself, and our philosophy is that it serves absolutely no one to act as gatekeepers.

Compliancy Group’s The Guard gives users immediate assessments of the status of their compliance when they begin using it to provide them with a baseline of the work that needs to be done. Our Compliance Coaches work with users on a weekly basis, explaining how to use The Guard to remediate any gaps it’s identified within their organization’s policies, procedures, and technical, physical, and administrative safeguards.

Users routinely go through self-audits to assess the state of their employee training, policies, procedures, standards of conduct, disciplinary procedures, and emergency protocols. The Guard documents everything along the way, including remediation plans, so that our clients can easily illustrate the status of their compliance in the event that an OCR audit does occur.

That’s why, though many of our clients have been audited, not a single one has ever failed. Our methods were built into the foundation of The Guard by our founders–former auditors themselves–who knew what OCR would look for when challenging health care professionals. The Guard allows users to avoid these common roadblocks to compliance, and is geared toward maintaining the reputation, integrity, and financial wellbeing of every organization or entity that’s beholden to HIPAA, HITECH, Omnibus, or any other state or federal regulation adjacent to health care compliance.

The Value of Compliance

The value of being compliant extends beyond the confidence that The Guard affords you. And often, what is and is not required for total HIPAA compliance is the source of misconceptions and misunderstandings that have no doubt contributed to the resurgence in fines and litigation of OCR’s 2016 Phase 2 audits.

And we’ve found that the large majority of these misconceptions stem directly from the incomplete healthcare compliance solutions available to health care professionals on the market today. Consultant-based solutions, partial solutions, and security-fixes will only address certain portions of HIPAA regulation, so health care professionals who use their services will often erroneously think that they’ve satisfied the law by attesting to the extent of the work that their consultant has done for them. Clients and organizations who operate under these assumptions are only delaying the inevitable fines that will come their way by being non-compliant, risking damage to their reputation and the wellbeing of their patients’ privacy.

Compliancy Group actively educates against these misconceptions. Our series of free educational webinars is available to everyone, but we design them to supplement our users’ understanding of HIPAA and of compliance in general. Our webinars are attended by industry leaders, and are run by subject matter experts specifically curated to speak on topics that match their areas of expertise.

Our healthcare compliance solutions run on a monthly or yearly subscription model with plans based on the number of physical locations that store or handle PHI, commensurate with the letter of the law. It doesn’t matter how many employees you have or how many users will need to sign onto The Guard, we accommodate organizations of all sizes, from some of our smallest single-doctor practices across the entire HIPAA compliance market with some of the largest health care players out there, such as eClinicalWorks, McGladery’s health care division, Telehouse and over 40 medical associations

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