Your Total HIPAA Solution: Introducing The Guard™

In a world where terms like “complete solution” and “total solution” are thrown around, it’s essential to understand what sets one healthcare compliance solution apart from the rest. Compliancy Group’s The Guard™ is a total solution that goes above and beyond to address all aspects of HIPAA regulations.

Unlike consultant-based solutions that leave you exposed or partial solutions that fail to cover everything, The Guard™ by Compliancy Group provides comprehensive guidance through self-controlled audits. It ensures that when it comes to HIPAA compliance clients:

  • Achieve 
  • Illustrate
  • Maintain

This is needed in healthcare organizations’ day-to-day operations in order to keep up with the ever-changing regulations and requirements over the long term.

At Compliancy Group, we’ve continuously operated as a total healthcare compliance solution. We adhere to the Office for Civil Rights (OCR)  guidelines for the Seven Essential Elements of an Effective Compliance Program – the minimum requirements for HIPAA compliance. While other solutions may only offer risk assessments and security safeguards, they fail to address the regulation’s requirements.

The Right Way of Being Compliant: Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together

We believe there are dozens of ways to be compliant, but only one way to do it right. Security is just one piece of the puzzle; it means very little during an OCR audit without proper guidance and support. That’s why healthcare compliance solutions that claim to provide total compliance while offering partial fixes are no better than outdated options like buying a blue binder from a consultant.

Compliancy Group’s The Guard™ is different. It’s the only solution that covers the full spectrum of HIPAA regulation while empowering healthcare professionals through education and guidance. Our user-centric approach keeps clients involved throughout the process of: 

  • Achieving Compliance
  • Illustrating Progress
  • Maintaining Confidence 

This is a critical aspect of healthcare organizations’ HIPAA compliance journey.

Built for You: The Culture of Compliance

Built with you in mind, The Guard by Compliancy Group creates a culture of compliance within your practice or organization. With web-based access available to every member, everyone understands exactly what’s expected of them. Our Compliance Coaches work closely with users on a weekly basis, explaining how to use The Guard effectively and remediate any gaps identified within policies, procedures, safeguards, and more. Users regularly conduct self-audits to:

  • Assess Employee Training
  • Standards of Conduct
  • Disciplinary Procedures
  • Emergency Protocols

Compliancy Group’s, The Guard documents everything along the way to get your organization HIPAA compliant. This includes remediation plans, allowing clients to demonstrate their compliance in case of an OCR audit easily

Thanks to our founders – former auditors themselves – who built The Guard with a deep understanding of what OCR looks for during audits, none of our clients have ever failed an audit. Our solution helps users avoid common roadblocks to compliance while safeguarding their reputation, integrity, and financial well-being.

The Value of Compliance: What You Get Out of Compliancy Group’s, The Guard

The value of compliance extends beyond the confidence that comes with using The Guard. Misconceptions surrounding total HIPAA compliance often arise from incomplete healthcare compliance solutions available today. Consultant-based solutions, partial fixes, and security-focused approaches only address certain portions of HIPAA regulation. This leads healthcare professionals to mistakenly believe they are fully compliant by relying on these services.

At Compliancy Group, we actively educate against these misconceptions through our free educational webinars. Designed to supplement users’ understanding of HIPAA and compliance in general, these webinars feature industry leaders speaking on topics within their areas of expertise.

Our healthcare compliance solutions operate on a monthly or yearly subscription model tailored to the number of physical locations handling PHI. Whether you’re a small single-doctor practice or a large healthcare player like eClinicalWorks or Telehouse, we accommodate organizations of all sizes in the HIPAA compliance market.

Choose The Guard by Compliancy Group for peace of mind knowing that your organization is truly compliant with HIPAA regulations. Don’t settle for anything less than a total solution that covers all bases and empowers you every step of the way.

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