Employee Compliance Training

Get a complete toolset for efficiently educating your entire workforce.

Managing compliance training for employees can be challenging. Knowing which employees have completed training and when it’s time for refresher training is confusing, especially as you bring on new staff members. It’s not enough to offer a once-a-year training session. This is not effective and not compliant! Compliancy Group makes it easy to track and manage employee training, and send reminders to employees when it’s time for them to renew their training. 

“If I register a new user, they will get training assigned to them automatically, with all the information and training that everybody else has. Keeping tabs on the moving landscape and being able to make sure that everybody is assigned what they’re supposed to do–that is a big thing” – Clive Wilby, Compliance Officer, Alabama Cancer Centers.


Training Management Made Simple

Templated training courses & materials to meet compliance requirements