Wouldn’t it be great if there was a tool to simplify ​compliance?

HIPAA compliance can be a cumbersome and expensive burden to health care professionals. That’s why we took it upon ourselves to simplify the process. At Compliancy Group, we’ve captured the expertise of an auditor, and combined it with the efficiency and cost of a software solution. Our web-based compliance solution, The Guard, is built by former auditors to address the full extent of the regulatory requirements for any health care professionals struggling to make sense of HIPAA.

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You’ll get an inside look at why Compliancy Group is the most trusted name in HIPAA compliance!

  • Avoid HIPAA breaches and fines

  • Receive our HIPAA Seal of Compliance verification

  • Satisfy ALL HIPAA requirements with guided, weekly meetings

  • Create a culture of compliance in your organization

  • Use HIPAA compliance to differentiate yourself from the competition

  • Find out why NO CLIENT has ever failed a HIPAA audit

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