Join us for “Business Associates and the Omnibus rule” presented by Frank Ruelas.

Following the release of the HIPAA Omnibus Rule, business associates are now in a position of greater responsibility and direct liability to comply with the privacy and security rules as described in these Final Rules. However, since the beginning of HIPAA there has always been the challenge of covered entities answering the question, “Is this entity I am doing business with a Business Associate under HIPAA?”Now more than before, the need to answer this question is more important than ever because of the liabilities imposed upon the covered entity and its business associates as detailed in the Final Rules.

This session introduces a very basic and easy to apply framework that can help those asking this question answer it more accurately. In addition, it breaks down the process of identifying a business associate into a several small stages that when assessed together can make this identification much easier for both covered entities and business associates.

I look forward to sharing this framework with attendees and obtaining their genuine feedback on its use. Additionally, I also understand that there will be times that answering the question will be very case specific. However, I challenge folks that using the introduced framework will make the task of accurately identifying a business associate much more manageable.

Frank Ruelas- As a compliance officer, privacy officer, and consultant, Frank Ruelas brings a unique set of experience and knowledge to discussions on HIPAA compliance. Frank has spoken at a number of Regional and National conferences and his practical approach to achieving HIPAA compliance is well received by HIPAA practitioners of all levels of expertise. Frank hosts a weekly online HIPAA show where he reviews the questions encountered throughout the week and provides online answers to questions that attendees pose related to HIPAA during the broadcast.

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