Compliance as a Service (CaaS)

How to Double your Monthly Recurring Revenue and Triple
your Profits with HIPAA Compliance as a Service

Healthcare providers require advanced security solutions that will help them secure healthcare data. An MSP who offers Compliance as a Service not only helps healthcare clients achieve HIPAA compliance, but also differentiates their firm and standardizes their stack. Offering a compliance tool gives your clients the confidence they need when it comes to HIPAA, all while justifying the sales of your advanced security services. Learn how you can find new clients, double your monthly recurring revenue, and triple your profit with Compliance as a Service.

How does compliance as a service help MSPs?

  • Uses required security audits to justify advanced security services
  • Creates remediation work from security gaps found
  • Increases your profits
  • Gain and retain healthcare clients

HIPAA compliance as a service


What is Compliance as a Service?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) set forth industry standards for the handling of protected health information (PHI). Compliance as a Service allows MSPs to help their healthcare clients with their HIPAA compliance needs. HIPAA mandates advanced security tools that many healthcare businesses need the help from MSPs to deploy. As HIPAA compliance is an ongoing process, adding Compliance as a Service to your stack increases your monthly recurring revenue exponentially.

Be Confident in Compliance

When it comes time for a Covered Entity to choose the right Business Associate or MSP, who do you think they would choose? The vendor that is aware of HIPAA and will reduce their liabilities, or the one that won’t? Over 2 million companies (Business Associates) that do business with Covered Entities are not HIPAA compliant, nor are they aware of the regulations itself. There is rising concern that Business Associates can be more of a liability than the security threats they protect against when they are not HIPAA compliant. Becoming HIPAA compliant gives your Covered Entity clients that peace-of-mind that they don’t need to be concerned about their Business Associate putting their patients, and business, at risk. MSPs offering compliance as a service differentiate themselves and win clients with their knowledge of HIPAA.

Increase Profits

You don’t need to know anything about HIPAA compliance to offer compliance as a service. Compliancy Group manages your healthcare clients for you! Our unique service, with flexible partner options, allow you to offer the benefits of compliance as a Service without incurring any additional expense or resources. Under HIPAA your clients will need to conduct a security risk assessment, and remediate any security issues or gaps that are found. In turn, they are required to add tools like encryption, backup, disaster recovery etc., allowing you to earn the maximum profit, while offering the optimal solution for you and your clients.

Acquire New Clients

When clients realize you offer a solution to one of their biggest headaches, their decision of which MSP to use becomes clear. Offering services to help your clients become HIPAA compliant, with a whitelabeled version of The Guard, helps reinforce your branding and creates another medium and reason to stick with your services. Plus remember, as a Business Associate your liabilities are now their liabilities.

Government Mandated

It is a Federal Regulation that all Covered Entities and Business Associates that handle PHI are HIPAA compliant. These organizations include but are not limited to, Hospitals, Doctors, Lawyers, cloud providers, hosting providers, shredding services, accountants, storage facilities and any self-insured companies. By using the regulation as a backdrop, selling HIPAA compliance as a Service with Compliancy Group is a breeze!

“Managed Service Providers MUST stand out from the crowd in order to compete and avoid being stuck in the whirlpool race to the bottom. Working with the Compliancy Group, MSPs who offer compliance-as-a-service have a 97% higher chance of winning new business versus those who don’t, and generate an easy 150% revenue growth.”

Stuart Crawford, Ulistic