MSPs and HIPAA Compliance

MSPs and HIPAA Compliance

  1. According to the Datto Report from 2018, healthcare is the #1 vertical for MSPs.
  2. In a recent study, only 1 out of 11 MSPs who work in the healthcare sector are requesting information on HIPAA compliance. Any MSP who has healthcare clients must be HIPAA compliant.
  3. In a recent study, 27% of MSPs who are working with healthcare clients are addressing their HIPAA compliance on their own. It is important to keep in mind that there is a bit more to HIPAA compliance than just a security risk assessment.
  4. 26% of breaches result from IT staff failure to follow policies and procedures.
  5. According to the Office for Civil Rights, the average fine for a HIPAA breach is $1,500,000.

Need Help Addressing HIPAA Compliance?

Compliancy Group gives healthcare providers and vendors working in healthcare the tools to confidently address their HIPAA compliance in a simplified manner. Our cloud-based HIPAA compliance software, the Guard™, gives healthcare professionals everything they need to demonstrate their “good faith effort” towards HIPAA compliance.

MSP partners have exclusive access to marketing and sales support teams. You don’t need to know anything about HIPAA compliance to take on healthcare clients, we manage your healthcare clients for you. Find out more about how Compliancy Group can help you address your HIPAA compliance!

HIPAA for You & Your Clients

You handle security, and we’ll handle compliance.

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