ACA HIPAA Compliance

As ACA’s “Preferred HIPAA Solution,” Compliancy Group provides ACA members with a 15% discount off its retail subscription price for The Guard, Compliancy Group’s HIPAA software.  By working with a dedicated coach, Chiropractors become HIPAA compliant quickly through self-paced virtual meetings, removing the confusion and uncertainty associated with HIPAA.

Let us handle the complexity of HIPAA compliance.

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Third Party Verification and Validation

Why Compliancy Group is Different

compliance coach

Compliance Coaches

HIPAA can be confusing, thats why we guide you through the full regulation with support from our HIPAA experts.

audit support

Audit Support

An audit can be scary, that’s why our team walks you through the documentation and reporting in the case of a breach or audit.

verified compliance

Verified Compliance

We go above and beyond to prove you have taken all the steps you need in regards to HIPAA with this verifiable seal of compliance.

What We Do

risk assessment

Risk Assessment

A risk assessment is not enough for HIPAA compliance. We supply the Security, Physical and Administrative audits required by the HHS.

intuitive training

Intuitive Training

Training goes beyond a powerpoint. We give you the ability to effectively train and track your employees.

everything hipaa

Everything You Need

Our HIPAA compliance solution includes policies & procedures, BAA’s, patient consent forms and everything else you need.

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We help protect your business and guide you through HIPAA,
leaving you stress free and safe.

Compliancy Group has helped thousands of Medical Practices
and Businesses of all sizes be confident in their HIPAA compliance.