The Wakefern Food Corp., and two of its ShopRite supermarkets, have reached an Attorney General HIPAA settlement with the state of New Jersey and the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs. But what led to the Attorney General HIPAA settlement? More details are discussed below.

Attorney General HIPAA Settlement for HIPAA Violations

Attorney General HIPAA Settlement

In 2016, Wakefern replaced devices in the pharmacies of two ShopRite supermarkets storing the electronic protected health information (ePHI) of 9,700 New Jersey residents. The old devices were disposed of in dumpsters, without first being wiped of the ePHI. The ePHI stored on the improperly disposed of devices included names, phone numbers, birthdates, driver’s license numbers, prescription numbers, medication names, dates and times of pick-up or delivery, and customer zip codes.

Attorney General Grewal commented, “Pharmacies have a legal obligation to protect the privacy and security of the patient information they collect, and to properly dispose of that information when the time comes. Those who compromise consumers’ private health information face serious consequences.”

To settle HIPAA violations, Wakefern and the two ShopRite supermarkets in question (Union Lake and SRS), agreed to an Attorney General HIPAA settlement. The settlement includes a $235,000 fine as well as implementing security measures to prevent a similar event from occurring in the future.

The settlement provisions include: 

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