To be Useful, Online HIPAA Services Must Be Complete

When healthcare providers and the vendors that serve them seek guidance about HIPAA Compliance, an internet search for “online HIPAA” is one place to start.  You’ll find promises of (nearly) free training, compliance, or certification offered, but how do these online HIPAA compliance services match what the government requires to be HIPAA compliant? Online HIPAA Services – How We Got Here The [...]

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10 Reasons Why HIPAA Outsourcing is a Good Idea

Many covered entities and business associates attempt to tackle HIPAA on their own, not realizing how many components make up an effective compliance program. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) does not make it easy for healthcare organizations to figure out what exactly is required of them. This is where HIPAA outsourcing comes in. HIPAA outsourcing allows healthcare organizations to become HIPAA compliant with the help [...]

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HIPAA Compliance Management: How to Manage Your HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA consists of a complex set of rules and regulations that healthcare organizations have an obligation to adhere to. So how can you manage your HIPAA compliance in a simplified manner? To provide guidance, HIPAA compliance management is discussed. HIPAA Compliance Management and HIPAA Software Although you can manage your HIPAA compliance on your own, it is likely that by doing so, you will fail to address one [...]

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UAE Trade License Requirements and HIPAA Compliance

In UAE, businesses cannot operate without a trade license. It has recently been announced by the UAE that they are requiring healthcare businesses to be HIPAA compliant before they can receive their trade licenses. As there is a lot of confusion surrounding this announcement, UAE trade license requirements and HIPAA compliance are discussed below. UAE Trade License Requirements and HIPAA Compliance: What Does [...]

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MSP Compliance Solutions

There is a lot of opportunity for MSPs looking to enter the healthcare vertical. More organizations are relying on MSP compliance solutions, as they do not have the budget to hire a full-time healthcare IT staff; a recent study, by Black Book Market Research, surveyed 2,876 security professionals across 733 provider organizations, finding that 84% of hospitals don’t have full-time cybersecurity employees.  As staffing shortages have increased by [...]

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Healthcare Providers & Vendors Need HIPAA Compliance Cloud Solution!

Cloud solutions are quickly becoming the new norm for the way businesses operate today. Many companies are moving from legacy software systems to online “hosted” alternatives, such as SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) or IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service). The benefits of cloud-based solutions over desktop software are wide ranging, affecting everything from productivity to data security. Healthcare organizations also need to take the appropriate precautions to ensure that [...]

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Security and Compliance for Health IT: The Route to New Business?

Understanding security and compliance is essential for healthcare providers and healthcare IT professionals alike. Security and compliance go hand-in-hand to keep sensitive healthcare data safe. Managed service providers (MSPs) and IT service providers are posed particularly well to take advantage of this interrelationship and grow new business in healthcare. Healthcare is currently one of the fastest growing sectors of the US economy--and with the advent of new electronic and [...]

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HIPAA Compliance Management: Not as Hard as you Think

When people think of HIPAA compliance management, they often think of a time consuming process involving piles of binders, unnecessary legwork, and costly legal fees. But what if there was a way to simplify your HIPAA compliance management? The truth is: using a HIPAA compliance software to address your compliance management is one of the most cost-effective ways to ensure that you're addressing the full [...]

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The HIPAA Safeguards your Practice Needs

Chances are, your organization already has some sort of a HIPAA compliance program in place. But is it doing enough? How confident are you that your organization could pass a HIPAA audit if one of your employees had their phone stolen? Having a total HIPAA compliance program is absolutely essential to keeping your business in healthcare safe. With fines reaching into the millions of dollars for violations as simple [...]

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How HIPAA Compliance Software Helps Client Pass HIPAA Audit

Compliancy Group's HIPAA Audit Response Program™ is the only service of its kind on the market for healthcare professionals to effectively deal with a HIPAA audit. The Audit Response Program is available to users of The Guard™, our web-based compliance solution, from single-doctor practices to some of our largest hospital systems and technology providers. Compliancy Group provides healthcare professionals with a total HIPAA solution that stays up-to-date and [...]

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