It’s Time to Throw Out Your HIPAA Manual

Here’s the truth: using a HIPAA compliance manual for your compliance program is outdated, almost as if you were using Windows 96 to run your practice's computers. HIPAA compliance manuals were the first iteration of the HIPAA compliance program 20 years ago when HIPAA was first enacted. At that time, compliance manuals did a fine job. However, HIPAA has undergone drastic additions and revisions in the past [...]

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HIPAA for Accountants

Accountants working in the healthcare industry need a HIPAA compliance solution that works for their company and for their clients’ businesses. Healthcare accountants are considered business associates (BAs) under HIPAA law. As such HIPAA for accountants in healthcare requires the same level of compliance as any other business associate. A business associate is any entity hired by a covered entity (CE) to perform a service. The Department of Health [...]

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Monthly HIPAA webinar series

Did you know that 3/5 compliance officers don’t know the difference between risk assessment and HIPAA compliance in regards to Core Measure 15? This lack of knowledge in this industry is leaving many people and practices open for breaches and fines. We at The Compliancy Group thrive to serve as more than just compliance tracking software but also as a center of education for HIPAA and Meaningful Use.   [...]

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