HIPAA Compliant Texting Apps: What Healthcare Organizations Need to Know

Technology has made it easier for healthcare providers to communicate with patients and colleagues, but it also brings new risks. Texting is a popular way to communicate today now more than ever, but finding healthcare messaging apps that are HIPAA compliant can be challenging. This is where HIPAA compliant texting apps come in. HIPAA compliance is essential for healthcare organizations, so you [...]

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Is it a HIPAA Violation to Email Medical Records?

Your patient asked you to email them a copy of their medical records, but are you allowed to do this? Is it a HIPAA violation to email medical records? Well, that really depends on the circumstances. Are You Using a HIPAA Compliant Email Provider? You may not have considered this, but the provider you use to send patient emails matters. Not all [...]

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Is Faxage HIPAA Compliant?

Faxing documents may seem as retro as parachute pants and gasoline that costs less than a dollar per gallon, but it is still one of the methods allowed for transmitting patient medical data. Faxage is one of the companies that offer the service and claims to be HIPAA compliant. We decided to put them to the test. What Makes a Software Tool [...]

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What is HIPAA Compliant Secure Text Messaging?

Many patients want their healthcare providers to send them texts allowing them to access their ePHI. Does HIPAA permit this, even if the text is not secure? Yes. A patient asking for a text with this information is making the request under the HIPAA privacy rule right of access provision.  “Your way, right away” carries the day here, apologies to Burger King. [...]

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What to Look for in HIPAA Compliant Fax

When HIPAA was signed into law in 1996, modernizing and streamlining medical records access goals were part of the primary focus of the law. That same year, it became possible to send faxes over the internet. Today you’re more likely to see old-style telephone fax machines in a museum than in an office. Internet faxing (or efaxing) has become the preferred choice for most businesses. [...]

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Finding a HIPAA Compliant Chatbot

Are you looking for a chatbot to help with patient communications? Using a chatbot can be an effective way to answer patient questions without having to use precious human resources. With staffing issues in healthcare, devoting an employee to run your chats can be a drain on your business. When choosing which tool is right for your business, you must ensure that the tool is HIPAA [...]

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Is OhMD HIPAA Compliant?

Improved technology and the recent pandemic created new opportunities for healthcare practitioners and their patients to communicate electronically. OhMD has developed a platform rich with features, including two-way texting, video visits, and patient calling. While its features may be impressive, potential users must ask, is OhMD HIPAA compliant? What Makes a Software Tool HIPAA Compliant? Regarding software, there are specific indications of [...]

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Is Ooma HIPAA Compliant?

Thirty years ago, copper-wire landlines connected most Americans’ phoned. Today mobile cellular and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) have marginalized the old technology. One of the better-known VoIP providers is Ooma. They provide phone services for millions of users in homes and businesses around the country. But is Ooma HIPAA compliant? What Makes a Software Tool HIPAA Compliant? When it comes to [...]

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Does Talking About a Patient Violate HIPAA?

One main focus of HIPAA regulations is ensuring the privacy of the protected health information (PHI) of patients. Most people immediately think about the protection and security of PHI in physical or electronic (ePHI) formats, but what about when PHI is verbalized? Does talking about a patient violate HIPAA? If so, what precautions do healthcare providers need to take to avoid breaching [...]

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Is Signal HIPAA Compliant?

Signal is an open-source free-to-use messaging app that proudly proclaims its security and privacy features. With all of these security and privacy features, the question remains: Is Signal HIPAA compliant? HIPAA Compliant Software Usage Under HIPAA, any application or software company whose product “touches” (creates, receives, maintains, or transmits) protected health information (PHI) is considered to be a business associate. For HIPAA [...]

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