HIPAA Privacy Officer Training: Becoming a Certified Professional

The role of a HIPAA Privacy Officer is to ensure that an organization complies with HIPAA regulations and that patient information is safeguarded. The Privacy Officer is also responsible for developing and implementing HIPAA policies and procedures. They must also make sure that employees receive training on HIPAA regulations, and the importance of safeguarding patient information. As far as HIPAA credentials go, [...]

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Employees Vital to Preventing HIPAA Violations

Whether you’re opening a new medical practice, or starting a business to serve providers, preventing HIPAA violations is likely the last thing on your mind. Even when you make the effort to comply with HIPAA’s requirements for Privacy, Security and Breach Notification, data breaches can still occur. As news reports of ransomware, cybercrime and hacking increase, it is very easy to forget [...]

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Cybersecurity Challenges of Working Remotely

As working remotely has become the new normal, businesses need to adjust their cybersecurity practices to account for the unique issues remote work poses to security. A recently released report from the Ponemon Institute uncovered the cybersecurity challenges of working remotely, and provided tips for increasing security in a remote environment. The results of the study, as well as tips to increase cybersecurity are discussed. Cybersecurity Challenges of [...]

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Does My Staff Need HIPAA Training?

Does my staff need HIPAA training, is a common question asked by organizations. Does your organization handle, or have the potential to view, protected health information (PHI)? If so, your staff needs HIPAA training. More details on what types of organizations are required to conduct HIPAA training, and what should be included in HIPAA training, are discussed below. Does My Staff Need [...]

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Insider Breach Affects 700 Patients

On June 3, 2020, Geisinger was notified by an employee that a Geisinger Clinic employee was accessing patient records without the need to do so. The employee in question accessed 700 patients’ records over a year-long period. More details about the insider breach are discussed below. Insider Breach: What Happened Upon discovery of the insider breach, Geisinger launched an investigation into the [...]

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Employees Involved in Unauthorized Access to Patient Medical Records of George Floyd

Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC), the facility that treated George Floyd, fired 13 employees for unauthorized access to patient medical records. More details are discussed below. Unauthorized Access to Patient Medical Records: What Happened HCMC recently discovered that the medical records of George Floyd were illegally accessed by employees of the organization. HCMC first discovered the breach during its routine [...]

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Would You Sell PHI? The Shocking Results of a Healthcare Study

Would you sell PHI as a healthcare worker? A new study reveals that many students soon to enter the workforce as a healthcare worker would. The results of the study and the permitted uses and disclosures of PHI are discussed below. Would You Sell PHI? The Results of the Study The healthcare study, published in July in JMIR Medical Informatics, was conducted by researchers from three universities (Florida [...]

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Healthcare Organizations and HIPAA Cybersecurity

Implementing effective HIPAA cybersecurity measures is essential to safeguarding protected health information (PHI). However, according to a recent study conducted by Brigham Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School, many healthcare organization employees remain undertrained in HIPAA cybersecurity awareness. The study authors analyzed HIPAA cybersecurity awareness by studying the results of phishing simulations ran by six healthcare institutions.  A simulated phishing test is conducted by an organization’s sending deceptive [...]

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HIPAA Compliance Training Requirements (for Free!)

HIPAA compliance training is an essential part of an effective compliance program. Annual employee training is mandated by HIPAA regulation. There are many misconceptions surrounding annual HIPAA training requirements that can leave your practice vulnerable to breaches and fines if they aren't properly remedied! Click here to get a free HIPAA training session for you and your employees right now! Your practice is faced with many options for [...]

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A Fun Way to Learn HIPAA!

In the serious world of HIPAA it is good for us to all have some fun sometimes! Though HIPAA and fun don't always go hand in hand we wanted to create a list of ways for you and your staff to learn and understand compliance. There's a way to do so while training/informing employees. As the leaders in HIPAA education, we provide free HIPAA compliance training, webinars, checklist, and [...]

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