With so many considerations in compliance, how can dental compliance be made easier? Although no one likes to ask for help, you probably need it. HIPAA law is not straightforward and is meant to be scaled for different types and sizes of businesses.

But it doesn’t exactly lay out a plan for you. You need to dig through thousands of pages of legal documents to find answers, and by the time you get through them, your brain is probably melting.

Dental compliance can be made easier by using software specializing in compliance to ensure your requirements are met, and you don’t miss a step.

Looking for a Dental Compliance Specialist

Making dental compliance easier comes down to a handful of things.

  1. Using one provider for HIPAA and OSHA
  2. Customer support and guidance
  3. Simplified compliance process
  4. Using a trusted service

Using One Provider for HIPAA and OSHA

Using simplified compliance software for all your dental compliance needs ensures you don’t need to repeat unnecessary tasks. A software platform that provides both HIPAA and OSHA compliance enables a single view of your organization’s overall compliance. All of your employee HIPAA and OSHA training is provided in one place that can be easily tracked. 

Compliancy Group offers HIPAA and OSHA compliance for dental offices, allowing practices to track all of their compliance efforts easily.

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Customer Support and Guidance

Customer support is one thing, but guided customer support is necessary when completing complex compliance tasks. Guided support makes HIPAA compliance much more straightforward. 

Compliancy Group’s team of Compliance Coaches guide clients through the HIPAA implementation process and the software platform. Compliancy Group client Dr. Lopez Rosario stated, “Although I had previous experience working through HIPAA on my own, I believe it is critical to have a coach. The ability to quickly clarify questions and guide you through the documentation is critical for anyone who is less experienced in the law.” Learn more about how this dentist used Compliancy Group to make compliance easier.

Simplified Compliance Process

Meeting your compliance requirements doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Some compliance providers just hand you a bunch of stuff and fail to tell you what to do with it. 

Choosing a provider that breaks compliance into smaller tasks, and explains how to meet specific compliance requirements, will make it easier for your dental practice to complete your compliance process. 

Compliancy Group pairs its simplified approach to compliance with a Coach to guide you through the process. Clients can schedule sessions with their Compliance Coach at their convenience. You choose how quickly you want to go, and we make it happen. 

Using a Trusted Service

Using a trusted service with a background in the dental space is a plus. Due to the hazardous materials dentists work with daily, there are specific compliance requirements that dentists have to meet that other healthcare providers do not. Dental compliance specialists know exactly what your practice needs to do to satisfy the law. 

Compliancy Group is the sole-endorsed solution for HIPAA compliance by the ADA and ADA Member Advantage. Find out why dentists trust us to make HIPAA compliance easier.

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