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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Compliancy Group provide support? 2017-01-31T21:07:21+00:00

Support is through electronic ticket submission or through the HIPAA Hotline.

(855 85 HIPAA) ext 2

What Browser do I need to run The Guard? 2017-01-31T21:06:36+00:00

Any Browser will run The Guard.

Do I need to install any software? 2017-01-31T21:05:55+00:00

The Guard is 100% web-based, which means you do not need to install any software, purchase or maintain any equipment to use it. It’s accessed using a web browser, from anywhere, anytime, and any platform.

Which features are included? 2017-01-31T21:05:01+00:00

Depending on the plan taken

  • Unlimited Patients
  • Unlimited Business associates
  • Unlimited Users
  • Easy to Use & Cost Effective
  • Extensive Self Audit Questionnaires
  • Member and Vendor Management
  • HIPAA, Red Flag, HITECH, ISO Ready
  • Gap Collection and Remediation Planning
  • Document and Version Management
  • Policy and Procedure Templates
  • HIPAA Hotline
What is The Compliancy Groups refund policy? 2017-01-31T21:04:13+00:00

Try The Guard risk free for 60 days, if it does not prove to be your one stop tool for easy and cost effective compliance, call or email us within the 60 days and we will cancel your subscription, and bill you nothing.

How much does The Guard cost? 2017-01-31T21:02:18+00:00

The pricing for The Guard is simple and depends on number of Sites.Click Here for pricing

Is The Guard secure? 2017-01-31T21:01:14+00:00

Yes, Customer data security and integrity is paramount to Compliancy Group. We utilize the National Security Agency (NSA)/National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Common Criteria guidelines for secure data processing. The operating environment is SuSE Linux Enterprise Server v9 with the NSA-developed Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux) extensions. All customer instances are completely isolated from one other via these SELinux compartments, ensuring that no data cross-contamination or external access across compartments is possible.

System backups are encrypted using the Advanced Encrypted Standard (AES) block cypher. The Guard is hosted in two fully redundant facilities on the east and west coast of the United States. They are connected via a redundant, private Fiber connection that is in place between both of our data centers. Our data centers have N+2 redundancy backup power and cooling systems, along with 24/7 armed security and a minimum of 24” raised floors.

What is The Guard? 2017-01-31T20:56:27+00:00

The Guard is a web-based software solution designed for regulatory compliance tracking, with industry-specific features, such as audit tracking, document management, remediation plans plus much more.

What is Compliancy Groups support policy? 2017-01-31T20:57:43+00:00

The Guard provides a 3 FREE initial web based Kick Start training for new users, as well as, online technical support, and live call-in support to the HIPAA HOTLINE at 855-85 HIPAA (855.854.4722) ext. 2 between the hours of 8 AM and 6 PM PST. In addition, the Compliancy Group offers a VIRTUAL HIPAA AUDITTM a web based process for rapid deployment of The Guard. You will be working with a Compliance Coach to provide assistance on how to address gaps and implement remediation plans.

Why The Guard? 2017-01-31T20:58:49+00:00

Compliancy Group offers the only comprehensive compliance solution.   The Guard provides large and small organizations with an affordable highly customizable solution, allowing companies to self audit saving substantial money without the need of a physical audit.  For organizations that prefer to bring in outside HIPAA expertise our Virtual HIPAA AuditTM will complete the task for you.  It is simple:  The Guard offers the best value in it’s market.