forever 21 data breach

In a stunning revelation, Forever 21, the fashion powerhouse, has recently alerted the Maine Attorney General about a breach that left their employees vulnerable. This breach involves the highly personal health plan information of a staggering 539,207 current and former employees.

In an effort to mitigate the damage caused by this malicious intrusion, breach notification letters are being dispatched to all those who may have been affected. These letters offer only a cryptic glimpse into the nature of the attack and fail to disclose which specific data fell prey to this violation.

Forever 21’s Encounter with a Mysterious Intruder: Delve into the Breach

Embarking on an unsettling journey through the digital realm, Forever 21 recently encountered an “external system breach” that unfolded between January 5 and March 21, 2021. A notification unveiled on the Maine Attorney General’s website highlighted this incident. 

It appears that a host of personal information, including names or other identifying details intertwined with social security numbers, has become victim to this cybernetic menace. In efforts to remedy the situation and shield those possibly impacted by this intrusion, steadfast identity theft services now stand ready.

While the breach notification letter sheds some light on the incident, it still leaves much to be desired regarding clarity. The unauthorized third party responsible for the breach gained access to certain systems and obtained select files from Forever 21. Unfortunately, we are left wondering what exactly these select files contain. 

According to the letter, they may have included protected health information such as:

  • Names
  • Social Security numbers
  • Dates of Birth 
  • Bank Account Numbers (without access code or pin)
  • Details About Individuals’ Healthcare Plans

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Forever 21: A Cryptic Response Raises Questions

Did Forever 21 pay a hefty ransom to protect your data? The popular retailer recently sent out a breach notification letter, assuring its customers that they have taken necessary steps to prevent further access and disclosure of their personal information. However, this ambiguous statement has only fueled speculation about the company’s actions. After all, history tells us that simply cutting off unauthorized parties doesn’t guarantee our data won’t be exposed again.

Neglected Advice: Protecting Your Health Information

While Forever 21 provides details about credit monitoring and identity theft services for potential victims, one crucial piece of advice is missing from their notification letter. They fail to mention the importance of obtaining copies of PHI (protected health information) from healthcare providers. This step is vital in ensuring that stolen data isn’t exploited for accessing healthcare or obtaining prescription drugs under innocent individuals’ names. By neglecting this advice, Forever 21 leaves us wondering if they truly have our best interests at heart when it comes to safeguarding our sensitive information.

Did Forever 21 forget to mention an important detail regarding the recent data breach? It’s possible that no protected health information was compromised, but what if the company conveniently left out this crucial information? If the external system breach exposed data related to premium calculations or payments made for individuals’ treatments, it becomes more likely that affected individuals were not informed about the potential risk.

Deadline Looms as Forever 21 Remains Silent

As of now, Forever 21 has yet to report the data breach to HHS’ Office for Civil Rights. However, digging deeper into the details reveals a curious timeline. The Maine Attorney General’s website indicates that the breach was discovered on August 4, 2023. This means that the company has until October 3, 2023, to notify the agency if there was any exposure of protected health information and if the external system breach qualifies as a HIPAA data breach. With time running out, questions arise about why Forever 21 has remained silent thus far.

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